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“[A] fun mix of drama and sweetness…” —Readers’ Favorite

Seventeen-year-old Molly Mason runs for her life—literally. Her plans include racing her heart out for a cross country scholarship to get out of her craptastic little town, even if it means leaving behind her hot and cold boyfriend, Trevor. 

Hayden Bishop, Trevor’s best friend, has a secret: He’s head over heels in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. When Trevor dumps Molly, Hayden decides to break the sacred bro code and shoot his shot. Soon, he and Molly find themselves entangled in a relationship with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube.

As the finish line to their senior year is in sight, the obstacles mount. Trevor strikes back at Hayden by placing doubt in the new relationship, Molly’s scholarship is put in jeopardy, Hayden’s chance to prove himself is slipping away, and someone gets arrested…

They’re struggling to finish together, but Molly and Hayden know the hardest part of a race is somebody always has to lose.

Young Adult
March 23
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ByFelicia ,

Great start to an awesome series!

As a child of the 80s, this book brought back some great memories and some not so great memories. Two words... high. school. Literally like, gag me with a spoon. High school was the end all be all for all of us at the time. It’s no different for Molly or Hayden. Molly just wants to focus on running so she can get her scholarship and get the heck out of dodge and all the drama. Hayden has had a crush on Molly for over a year. So when he gets a chance, he takes his shot. But that proves to be harder than he thought. Insert more high school drama by the names of Trevor and Andrea. Both are the worst. We all knew someone like that in school and they were the ones that ruined it for everyone.

I liked Molly and her penchant for being on the straight and narrow. Gliding through school with great grades and just trying to maintain her goal of a track scholarship. But she raked on my nerves a few times. The phrase “book smart but lacks “street” smarts” comes to mind. Seriously, I wanted Cindy to smack her a few times. We should all have a bestie like Cindy. Loyal and a true ride or die friend to the end! Now Hayden, just a moment while I swoon please....*insert dramatic sigh with heart eyes*...he was VERY swoon worthy. So Hayden, he’s a jock with excellent soccer and leadership skills. He doesn’t play up to the typical player, king of the field, if you get my drift. Nope. He’s a romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve and only has eyes for one girl. Seriously, where were guys like this when I was growing up?! His buddy Mike is a sweetheart too and I can’t wait to read his and Cindy’s story next!! Now excuse me while I pop in my mixed tape and cruise the web for my next one-click. Like Doc said to Marty, “we don’t need wheels where we’re going!” #BackInTime #BringBackThe80s 😎

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