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"Swann’s elegant prose evokes poignant emotions as she delves deeper into the complex dynamics of a family suffering domestic violence.... With its swift narrative, in-depth characterization, and tight plotting, the novel makes for a fine YA contemporary." The Prairies Book Review

"Her characters are authentic and true-to-life, making it easy to care about them... Breaking the Cycle is most highly recommended." — Readers' Favorite

Andrea Jones has one life goal—to NOT be like her mom. She won’t be knocked up at eighteen, in a dead-end job, and living in a trailer park forever. She’s not a fan of school but in 1987, going to college is the only path out of her dysfunctional world and nothing will stop her. Not even a chance at a full scholarship to her boss’s old beauty school—a job she’d totally rock but one that’s too close for comfort.

Then along comes Gio Ruiz. Suave, confident, and sure of his future, he sends Andrea’s plans into a tailspin—along with her heart. He seeks trade school and a simpler life, dangerously close to what she is trying to avoid. Still, his no-nonsense attitude toward the merits of college makes her question if it’s even what she really wants.

Their relationship flourishes until their opposite worlds collide. His private school peers create doubt while her public school enemies drag her past into the present, forcing her to confront her biggest fears and jeopardizing her plans for her future.

…An overdose. 

…An unintended pregnancy.

…And one potentially deadly choice.

Young Adult
September 1
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ByFelicia ,

Everything I hoped and more!

If ever there were a character that deserved a redemption story, it is Andrea Jones. I knew the moment she was introduced in Breaking the Bro Code that she had a story to tell and I’m so glad that Swann gave her an opportunity.

Andrea’s story runs deep. She is a survivor, strong, and determined. She did get a little blinded by her goals but I understood that she needed to do this even if it meant sacrifices needed to be made. She lives a hard life and is struggling to break free from it. In a world where she has to fend for herself, she also feels alone and left behind. Her mom left, her brother joined the military, even most of her friends have graduated and gone off to college. Until she meets Gio. Gio and his family, Judy, Molly, Cindy and even Jenny...those are the lifelines that she desperately needed. All I can say is Gio is the stuff dreams are made of and solidifies the fact book boyfriends will always leave me with high expectations. He’s gorgeous, has a bit of a bad boy edge, but is the sweetest and most down to earth gentleman. Yes, girl! Talk about swoon worthy. Andrea deserves the love of a man utterly, totally, and deeply devoted to her. They both needed each other.

It is indeed a very powerful book. I can see how it can trigger some people. Not gonna lie it got a little tough for me to read toward the end there as it hit on some personal experiences for me. This book just hit different on a whole other level. While I love them all, I think this one was my favorite. I just knew it would be worth it. I’m so happy she gave her the best HEA. So thank you SO much for this read. It was everything I had hoped for and more!

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