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Breaking the English Barrier is part of the acclaimed language series that engages students of all levels, giving them the tools needed to find success on the path to fluency. The Breaking the Barrier series was born in 1997 and is used throughout high schools, colleges, and middle schools, as well as by homeschool families and adult learners around the world.

The goal of this text is to help native Spanish speakers learn English, building confidence – step-by-step – on the path to total fluency. Crystal-clear audio recordings by native speakers aid pronunciation and auditory comprehension along the way.

In this Beginning Book, students are introduced to the present, past, progressive, future and conditional tenses, as well as sentence structure, commands, adjectives and adverbs, along with other classic features of the English language. Hundreds of exercises reinforce the amazing explanations offered by some of the country’s most respected language teachers.  Students can check their answers with a click of a button or the touch of a screen.  As a special treat, “even” chapters feature a rip-roaring adventure series, reminiscent of old-fashioned radio, recorded by native speakers with sound effects and music. Comprehension questions follow each episode.  In addition, there are engaging cultural articles, complete with video clips, about American jazz, the chocolate chip cookie, Broadway and Halloween.

Vocabulary, grammar and cultural information are presented in this new Breaking the Barrier iBooks textbook in a way that can only be called revolutionary. Combining the brilliant instructional features of the iPad with the winning approach envisioned by John Conner, Dean of Faculty at Groton School and former member of the AP Test Development Committee, this groundbreaking version of the series is just what any language learner needs to excel. 

March 18
Breaking the Barrier
Grades 6-17

Customer Reviews

Jmacmidd ,

El mejor para aprender inglés

This is a great book! The colors and pictures make it a fun book to flip through, and the flash cards make learning vocabulary a piece of cake. The exercises are great for practicing the language, and that you can do them over and over again is a huge plus. Definitely recommended for Spanish speakers trying to learn English.

Texan15 ,

Que bien

Easy to understand book. For $14.99, it is a fantastic deal!

españa14 ,

¡Excelente! 5 estrellas

He completado cuatro lecciones y el libro ya me ha ayudado bastante con mi inglés. Me gustan muchísimo las selecciones de audio para el vocabulario, la información cultural y las explicaciones muy sencillas y claras de la gramática. Hay muchos ejercicios para practicar también— con un precio de 14.99 — ¡es increíble!

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