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Breaking the French Barrier is part of the acclaimed language series that engages students of all levels, giving them all the tools needed to find success on the path to fluency.  First published in 1997, this series is now used throughout the world in high schools, colleges, and middle schools as well as by homeschool families and adult learners.

In this Level I book, ideal for beginning students, students are introduced to the present, passé composé, and imperfect tenses. They also learn commands as well as the future tense, and are introduced to sentence structure, object pronouns, and countless other “classics” of first-year study.  Hundreds of exercises reinforce the amazing explanations offered by some of the country’s leading language teachers.  The vocabulary presentation is stunning; pictures of each word accompany audio clips, and an amazing flashcard feature magically reinforces the learning. As a special feature, all even chapters feature a rip-roaring adventure series, reminiscent of old-fashioned radio, recorded by native speakers with sound effects and music. Comprehension questions follow each episode.

Vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information are presented in this new Breaking the Barrier iPad version in a way that can only be called revolutionary.  Combining the brilliant instructional features of the iPad with the winning approach developed by acclaimed teacher John Conner, dean of faculty at Groton School and former member of the AP Test Development Committee, this groundbreaking iPad version of the series is just what any language learner needs to excel.

August 24
Breaking the Barrier
Grades 7-17

Customer Reviews

komcdo ,

Needs to be reviewed/updated

There are a lot of small inaccuracies in this book that need to be revisited by the author.

Swifty2311 ,


After being blown away by the Breaking the Spanish Barrier series, I gave this book a shot as well. As I expected, it was just as good and even better than the Spanish. The creators have added stunning visual images and the design of the book makes it even easier to learn a language. The Flash Cards app was redone and has added functionality and vocab pages are more beautifully layed out.

This is a large file so it takes a while to download but once you have it you won't be disappointed. This book is worth way more that $15 so it is unreal that the price is so low.

Peitio ,

great but need update

It's a great interactive book to learn french in Ipad. absolutely the best one. but there are some crashes in it like the vocabulary part of leçon 7 and 8 that do not work. please fix it in a new and accelerated update edition.

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