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The new procurement rules are being created so that value leaders lose. After all, the business value we can help drive doesn’t usually translate well to a vendor grid.

It’s clear the procurement landscape has changed rapidly and dramatically. Has the sales profession changed as quickly or as much? Fortunately, we don’t have to be victims to this new reality. We can learn new strategies, break the rules and discover where it leads. We just need the courage and conviction to blaze our own trails. If the rules were established to make us lose, then we better not follow them. We need to make new rules. After all, there is no glory for a victim!

We are facing challenges that didn’t exist just a few years ago; the instincts we’ve honed can let us down in this new era; our competition is as desperate as our customers; the short-term view is taking over; many of our customers are trying to save their way to prosperity—and we’re stuck in the middle. We’re at our best when we are helping customers improve the way they do business, but many don’t want that kind of help. But some do: the senior-level decision makers who are more strategic and can see the bigger picture. We simply have to get to them and compel them. It’s our job, and it’s the best way to success.
Breaking the Rules is designed to give you a series of practical tips and ideas based on our proven 4-step process for selling value in the era of Procurement.

Business & Personal Finance
April 15
IMPAX Corporation
IMPAX Corporation

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