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Burreson is a wife, mother, artist and force of nature in a culture fast losing its bonds to common cause and perhaps common sense. Her fight is noble and vital to better understand Autism while upholding Dignity and Purpose as a modern woman in a changing world.

August 13
Soma Publishing
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Customer Reviews

MurphyCater ,

A voice like no other...

Breakthrough barely breaks through the surface of what this amazing author is capable of, through her own struggles and strifes in life, she rose above and came out roaring like a lion! The courage it took to make this book what it is will make you stronger than what you are today. It will shake the core of every disbelief that you’ve ever had and free you from any shackles that you ever thought you had. By reading this you will understand that you hold the key. This book will help you unlock your shackles and give you the breakthrough that you need because this author is a powerful force to be reckon with it took her so long to have her breakthrough but she made it through and you will make it through too. These collections of poems will touch your heart, make you cry and make you realize that nothing is impossible. I look forward to see what this author has in store for us next, bravo Renee!

Kayla B Nickles ,

Very heartfelt!

Renee has been through so much in her life and you can feel it through and through with this lovely written poetry! I love the way she shares her heart and thoughts during these times that are oh so relatable to us all. Yet she has her own unique perspective that allows us to see her for who she is. And it’s remarkable! Highly recommend this to all of those who are going through some dark tough times and who may need to feel as though someone else understands.

StampDad ,

Turning Mourning Into Dancing

Life’s frustrations can make the weaker ones in society wreck havoc on the streets. These are not smart tactics but childish tantrums from emotionally undeveloped complainers who expect everyone but themselves to rise up and fix the injustice.

The stronger ones do more than cry they release their souls to the community to the globe to the heavens so the voice is heard. Burreson fully understands in Breakthrough that keeping things grossly unfair in the quiet recesses of the mind is a recipe for despair and defeat.

From “A Voice in the Wind” to “Super Hero” we are presented with poetic short stories from the life of a mother struggling to see the bright side, fighting the darker elements of society while giving her children the hope they need to withstand an imperfect environment.