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In this New York Times bestseller, controversial ambush journalist James O’Keefe takes a hard-hitting look at how the media and government conspire to protect the status quo: “A spine-tingling, true crime thriller about the quest for truth in the age of media obfuscation” (Gavin McInnes, FOX News contributor).

Hailed by David Weigel in Slate as having “had more of an impact on the 2012 election than any journalist,” James O’Keefe is young, brash, and provocative: a new breed of guerrilla reporter for the twenty-first century. He and his associates have famously infiltrated some of America’s most protected organizations and institutions. Now, in Breakthrough, O’Keefe chronicles the harrowing undercover investigation that opened America’s eyes to the chicanery of its state houses and the duplicity of the White House during one of the most compromised election campaigns in our nation’s history: the 2012 presidential race.

Of all his controversial sting operations, this was the one that his late mentor, Andrew Breitbart, called “his most consequential.” While still on federal probation, O’Keefe organized an army of citizen journalists, planned a series of video stings to reveal the American system’s vulnerability to voter fraud, and went nose to nose with the most powerful political machine in the world. Along the way, O’Keefe found disheartening evidence that Americans are not nearly as free as we may believe, but also showed just how much real change ordinary citizens can bring about when they are willing to risk the wrath of the powerful.

Free of ideology, Breakthrough is at its core a clarion call for a more ethical society. Despite being vilified and libeled by an establishment media dedicated to suppressing the truth, James O’Keefe has dared to break through the firewall and reshape public opinion by showing things as they really are.

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June 18
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Customer Reviews

Nennie5 ,


Great book. I'm ashamed that things like this go on in our country. Thank god there are men like James and his friends who show us what's really going on. Thank you James. You are a hero.

Cemccarr ,

A true Patriots Tale!

Wonderfully Inspiring!

PhotoPhish ,

Extraordinary courage! Gripping tales!

Extraordinary courage! O'Keefe and Co. have it, and that's what it takes to face down the full weight and resources of the United States government AND the extreme leftist mainstream media (MSM).

Common sense and constitutional law stand squarely in the way of the liberal leftist narrative that the current socialist administration and the MSM actively promote every day. But they go unchallenged...until O'Keefe selects the next target of TRUTH.

There is no "news" reporting. MSM "investigative journalism"is only published when the results match the desired Leftist outcome, in the manner of "60 Minutes." However, an outcome undesired by MSM is quickly labeled as a "stunt" and ridiculed to the maximum - but O'Keefe gets concrete results.

He is a change agent tirelessly working to reverse the continual erosion of our liberty. Just ask anybody who participated in the corruption known as ACORN.

Give a copy to all your liberal leftist friends to demonstrate with documented facts how fully invested the MSM is in every Leftist cause! Give a copy to all your conservative friends to show them there is hope. Send a donation to O'Keefe.


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