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This book, BREASTFEEDING MADE SIMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME MOM: BREASTFEEDING TIPS, NATURAL LAWS AND FACTS is one of the best breastfeeding books to have if you’re a first time mom or mom-to-be, first time dads too. Every first time mom needs to understand what she is taking on and how to cope and BREASTFEEDING MADE SIMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME MOM; BREASTFEEDING TIPS, NATURAL LAWS AND FACTS gives you that knowledge. 

Did you know that a nursing mother’s breast milk is tailor-made by nature to suit her baby in many ways? The way you breastfeed your baby determines its health and intelligence level for the rest of its life! Breastfeeding, and the nutrient-rich breast milk itself, does so much within the body of the newborn baby. But wait! What about formula-feeding? How does it fit in? What are the benefits of formula food over natural breast milk to the baby? How does all this affect the mother?  

BREASTFEEDING MADE SIMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME MOM answers all; the why and how, breastfeeding tips and tricks, the diets, natural laws and facts, the secrets and the best practices from different lands dating back 800 years. 

Taking care of the newborn baby is best done by its natural mother and nature has provided her with all the tools necessary to do the job perfectly – her natural instincts, her breast milk, her touch, natural smell and the sound of her voice, they are all very important to the baby from day one. Simple as it sounds, most mothers still get it wrong because none of it is really simple. The result is a child that grows up with numerous health and psychological complications. This book teaches the first time mom the following... 

1. The right way to take care of her baby from day one. 

2. The right breastfeeding diets. 

3. The biological changes that occur in mother and child; to understand and exploit them. 

4. What to do with a sick child.  

5. What to do when she’s sick.  

6. How to get the right things right with your baby.  

All these and more you will learn in this book. 

For the sake of your child, you cannot afford to get things wrong the first time around. And hey, if you know the right moves, it’s fun! 

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March 20
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