Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy

A Photographic Guide with Selected Videos for Mom and Those Who Help Her

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Publisher Description

This New Release of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy in eBook is a stunning expansion of the timeless 2008 limited print paperback edition and continues to teach pregnant and new moms how to breastfeed by seeing it up close and unhidden at birth and beyond

Exclusive to this New Release eBook are moms telling us about breastfeeding at birth including Caesarean birth; and one mom sharing her birth story with images and video of her cuddling her newborn to life after being told her baby “didn’t make it.”

Images and videos reveal what happens when moms learn how to hold their babies to breastfeed in a way that is entirely different from holding their babies to bottlefeed. Moms and babies are comfortable and babies are satisfied at the breast.

Moms and babies are seen responding to each other in the magical dance of breastfeeding that begins with babies’ early feeding cues; and progresses to the baby taking mom’s breast and feeding well.

Moms choose many different positions to get comfortable breastfeeding their babies while sitting, lying down, and semi-reclining.

Families have openly shared their efforts and their joy in this unabashed guide to breastfeeding that Inspires confidence with both "how-to" and evocative images and videos.

Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy is a visual guide for Mom, her family and friends who want to help her, and her practitioners.

Its focus is on showing how to establish a comfortable breastfeeding relationship, prevent problems, and solve problems should they occur; and can offer solutions even in the middle of a crisis. 

New Release eBook is 336 total pages including over 170 full-page photographs and 9 selected videos. Concise text supplements and clarifies the image and video content. The videos are approximately 2-5 minutes each.

There are seven museum images of breastfeeding photographs and paintings dating from the 1500s to early 1900s that reveal timeless instructive breastfeeding practices; including photographs of a mom hand expressing her breastmilk while still in the hospital dating back to the late 19th century; and an 18th century painting of a woman sitting upright to breastfeed her baby, placed in her lap, with positioning supportive of the breastfeeding baby. Her positioning is ideal for breastfeeding and not influenced by the bottle-feeding imprinting present day mothers often need to unlearn, in cultures where bottlefeeding is the primary feeding method seen in public and the media.

Endorsed by moms, physicians, nurses, IBCLC certified lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, celebrities, and others; Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy has been a timeless resource for pregnant and new moms for over a decade and intended to be a treasured gift for generations.

“Magnificent … like having a wise and loving grandmother show you exactly how to nurse your baby.” –Christiane Northrup, MD

“Exquisite … inspires, delights and informs … the perfect gift …” –Mary Ann Kerwin, Co-founder La Leche League International

“A manual of wisdom and celebration that should be read by anyone who is, has, or is going to breastfeed an infant.” –Larry Baskind, MD

“My husband read it to me page by page as I learned the correct (and pain-free!) way to feed my baby (yay for being Daddy friendly!!). It literally changed my life.” –Heather Novak

“Laura Keegan’s photographs are stunning in their beauty, detail, and ability to capture the essence of proper positioning and latch.”–Rixa Freeze, PhD

“Laura demonstrates in her photographs that maternal positioning for breastfeeding is entirely different to that of bottlefeeding…”–Jenny Smith, midwife; Dr. Felicity Plaat, anaesthetist, and Prof.Nicholas Fisk, Obstetrician

“Informative and emotional ... powerful images accurately represent many of the situations we lactation consultants try to describe ... excellent way to see how subtle adjustments can make a huge difference in the breastfeeding experience ... recommend ... to anyone interested in breastfeeding ... professionals ... families ... lactation students and trainees.”-Sara McCall, IBCLC lactation consultant

“I was as mesmerized by the language as I was by the photos, most of which were taken by the author. I still get goosebumps from the photo on page  …  As someone who is squeamish about breastfeeding at heart, I did gulp at some of the photos, but I think they are incredibly important for helping moms get comfortable with their bodies, and they are needed to help change our culture. Most of all ... this book wants us to fall in love with breastfeeding, and I did, in a way that I didn’t get a chance to experience when I was going through it myself. For an expecting mother or new mother I can’t think of a better gift.” –Bettina Forbes, co-founder Best for Babes®

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    Customer Reviews

    Dr. Rixa Freeze ,

    Revised interactive version--a must-read for new mothers and their helpers

    A recent doula client and friend stopped by before I left for France to borrow some birth and breastfeeding books for the summer. She picked up Laura Keegan's "Breastfeeding With Comfort and Joy" and said, "I love this book! It was the most helpful breastfeeding book I read before I had my baby."

    I am excited to announced that Laura has released an revised interactive e-book edition with updated information (particularly regarding skin-to-skin care and laid-back breastfeeding), more photos, and nine videos. Some e-book formats play the videos directly (Kindle Fire, Apple Books), while other e-book platforms will include a password-secured link to the videos.

    The videos show babies of various ages taking the breast and feeding, some in upright positions and others laid-back. You'll also see 1-week-old twins taking the breast, a mother hand-expressing milk, and a mother doing breast compression to help her sleepy baby finish nursing. Another mom talks about nursing her baby right after the birth by putting her baby skin-to-skin and letting him scoot up to her breasts and latch on by himself. Finally, you'll see a UNICEF breast crawl video and watch a short documentary of a premature baby whose life was saved by skin-to-skin care after the birth.

    Of particular importance are the new photos showing laid-back breastfeeding, with moms comfortably reclined and babies laying belly-down on top of their mothers. Laid-back breastfeeding enables babies' hardwired instincts to breastfeed, helps babies latch more deeply and effectively, and lets mothers nurse without having to actively "hold" their babies--a huge plus when you are nursing round-the-clock!

    Laura wrote to me about this new version of "Breastfeeding With Comfort and Joy":

    "When women see breastfeeding work, are confident to get comfortable, and fall in love with breastfeeding without the distractions and information overload, breastfeeding will become part of our culture.

    "I really want the new release pushed because it is an excellent resource for women to advocate for skin-to-skin at birth and other things. The information is not an update but a richer resource because of the shared experiences and practices that have come out since the first edition both in my practice and online. I now have more images to support the timeless concepts.

    "For the practice of women to have their babies at birth to reach a tipping point, women need an all-in-one-place resource when they demand this from their birth practitioners. Otherwise the scattered internet searches overwhelm them and the message is lost."

    Please consider this book for yourself, for an expecting friend or family member, or for your medical/midwifery/lactation consulting practice.