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The Earl and Countess of Banfield cordially request your attendance at the wedding for their daughter Lady Gwyn Hambly to Lord Locryn Pendarvis on the 20th day of June, 1812, at Castle Keyvnor, Bocka Morrow, Cornwall.


Michelle Willingham’s A Rake of Her Own
Ariadne Cushing is horrified when her controlling mother arranges a betrothal to a man she barely knows. She will do anything to avoid the engagement—even if that means causing her own ruin. But how can a shy bluestocking gain the attention of a wicked rake? * Evan Middleton, Viscount Harcourt, is hiding his poverty from the rest of the world. With nothing but the clothes on his back and a horse to call his own, he needs a wealthy bride to save his family from his father’s debts. * Ariadne strikes a bargain with him that he can’t refuse…but will her proposition result in an unexpected temptation?

Jerrica Knight-Catania’s Lady Faye’s Secret Garden
Lady Faye Bryant isn’t nearly as afraid of the supposed ghosts at Castle Keyvnor as she is of her own mother. After all, the countess is using her niece’s wedding to find her daughter a titled husband. But when Faye meets a handsome local, she might just throw a wrench in her mother’s plans. * Braneck Dowlyn has been spurned once in his life, and he’s determined it will never happen again. Of course, fate has other plans, and places Lady Faye Bryant in his path. Her skepticism intrigues him, especially since he is sensitive to the Other World, and despite his fear of suffering another broken heart, he can’t seem to stay away from her.

K.C. Bateman’s A Midsummer Night’s Kiss
Kitty Worth has given up hope that her love for James Cashell will ever be reciprocated. Since his return from the war, her brother’s best friend has refused to even see her, let alone seduce her. * When they both attend a Midsummer wedding at the magical Castle Keyvnor, Kitty decides she must choose another man to wed. James, however, has sworn to protect her, and he’s determined to stop her from making a foolish mistake. If that means showing her just what the perfect kiss should entail, then so be it.* The course of true love never did run smooth, but with the dubious help of Titania, Queen of the Fairies, there’s a chance that happiness might hinge on a single, Midsummer night’s kiss. . .

May 22
Ava Stone
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Customer Reviews

Suz Clark ,

great compilation of romances

A Rake Of Her Own by Michelle Willingham
Willingham is a new author to me. I enjoyed it. I love an excellent wallflower story. The shy Ariadne is drawn out of her shell by the handsome rake. There are a few steamy scenes. Masterful storytelling. I can’t wait to find more books by Ms. Willingham. 4 stars
A Midsummer’s Night Kiss by K.C. Bateman
K.C. Bateman is one of my favorite authors, and she has written another great story in “A Midsummer’s Night Kiss.” I love the “Older Brother’s best friend” trope. Kitty Worth is a guest of the wedding at Castle Keyvnor when she finds her deceased brother’s best friend James Cashell attending the festivities as well. I enjoyed the tension between the two characters. Bateman just outdoes herself again. I will have to grab more books by this author. I was given a copy of this compilation.

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