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Was she risking her heart for a liar?

Molly McCabe helped people.  As director of the neighborhood community center, she loved making the world a better place.  So when James Morgan, a powerful lawyer with political aspirations and a smile that sent her heart thudding, stepped into her center, she knew that he wasn’t the man for her.  And yet, her eyes were drawn to him over and over again.  There was a certain something about him that lured her closer – like a moth to a flame. 

Will she get burned?  Was James Morgan going to crush her heart under his brutal heel?  Or was he a political unicorn?  Was he honest and hoping to make the world a better place too?  Or was James Morgan just another politician, willing to lie and cheat in order to attain power? 


From Elizabeth Lennox Books – The Secrets of Rose Gardens

Book 1: Heated Secrets

Book 2: Whispered Secrets

Book 3: Breathless Secrets

September 17
Elizabeth Lennox Books, LLC
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

Customer Reviews

Musichero007 ,

Not too Political

The story was not too political. Would I vote for James? I not so sure I would but it made for an interesting change from the usual business mogul. I did enjoy the wicked mother and would have enjoyed more from her. Maybe a book about her and her redemption from wickedness!

Cher o ,

James and Molly perfect match

My Absolute favorite author does it again! Breathless Secrets is the newest book in the Rose Garden Apartments series. Attorney James Morgan is running for US Senate, he meets Molly Bradshaw the director of the community center in a very interesting manner. He wants her endorsement but he is also captivated by her. He convinces her to go out with him and she cannot believe that someone like him would want her, she thinks that she is way out of his league. Watching their friendship, relationship, and lives together grow and merge is great! Of course, life is not always smooth and James’ mother is the wrench in their life! And what a wrench she is!

Moving to Texas ,

Breathless Secrets

The plot was too similar to other stories and was too political. The country is divided along party lines and this fed into the division.

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