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I'm about to go off to college and finally escape from all the problems of my past, including the worst boy alive, Chad. But Chad sees me at graduation, and even though he's still as immature as he ever was, his body is now a man's body. And when he sees me in my plaid skirt and those pigtails he loved to pull on the playground, he realizes he can't let me go just yet. He has to be my first, take me hard and unprotected, before pulling those pigtails and filling me up with an impregnating creampie!


“Give me one good kiss, and I’ll leave you alone. You can leave for college knowing that I won’t chase you down,” he said.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and rolled my eyes. I didn’t want him to have any satisfaction from me. In fact, I decided I was done with this. I turned around and began walking for the door. His arm wrapped around me and turned me around, and his lips pressed against mine hard. My glasses rubbed against his face as he tried to force my mouth open with his tongue. I slapped against his body, trying to get him to let go, but his tongue kept lapping against my face. Finally, he moved his face away from mine, letting me breathe.

“There, you’ve had your kiss, now let me go,” I said.

“I said a good kiss. You didn’t even open your mouth,” he said.

“Chad!” I cried out.

“Come on, don’t be such a baby. It’s one kiss,” he said.

I whimpered. He was too strong. I had no chance of getting out of his grip. “Fine!” I yelled. I had never kissed a man before, and I had expected it to be more romantic than this. Still, I had an idea of what to do, more or less. I closed my eyes and parted my lips slightly, then leaned in.

What happened next was close to rapturous. He wrapped his hands around my back and leaned in. I felt his stubble brush against my cheek as his tongue darted into my mouth, and his lips opened mine a little more. Our tongues danced around each other, and I couldn’t help but run my hands up his toned chest and abs. My body responded, and I could feel my nipples harden. I felt a tingle between my legs, and I knew I’d have to satisfy it when I got home. I moaned into his mouth a little as the kiss grew more intense.

Chad had to ruin it though. His hands went under my skirt, and he lifted up on my ass sharply...

Fiction & Literature
April 17
Cassandra Zara
Smashwords, Inc.

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NatyF1997 ,

Love it

It was good the book there should be a second book

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