Bred By The Billionaire Vamp

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"My skin was on fire, burning with desire and the knowledge that no matter what my logical mind was saying, I was going to do this. I was hot and ready, my pulse thundering in my ear. The air I breathed was even thicker now, and laced with lust. Mine. His.

I slid my eyes down to his mouth. His lips were slightly parted and I could see the tips of his fangs. Vampire fangs. This was crazy. Ridiculous.

I licked my bottom lip with my own tongue, wondering what those fangs would taste like. Where was my mind? What was happening to it?

The doubt disappeared as soon as it emerged, and I was pulled back in.

I was the one that stepped into him and stood on my toes to kiss him. He dipped his head because he was that much taller, and when our lips connected that magic crawled through my body again. His lips were just short of fire.

“This is so wrong,” I mumbled against his lips. And yes, it was wrong. It wasn’t who I usually was. It wasn’t what I usually did. But God help me, it was who I was now.

He backed me up so that my thighs hit the desk. I bent one leg and lifted it. He put a hand underneath it and jacked it up.

He was between my legs, pressing against me, my core aching for him now that he was this close. My skirt rode up. The only thing keeping it from going up all the way over my hips was his body keeping it roughly in place.

He reached behind my neck and pulled my hair loose. It fell over my shoulders in waves and he grabbed a handful. It didn’t hurt. It was the delicious kind of pain. If he kept at it, I was going to melt right through my panties."

May 12
Elina Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

KP:):):):):):):) ,

Easy Read

This short read was okay. There were multiple misspelled words but easy read other than that.

DiscGolfDiva4Life ,

Short and sweet

Quick read, seemed like a short story almost. Would be great if more was written to give more depth to the storyline and characters, seems like it could be a great series with some more work. There were numerous misspellings, missing words and grammar issues but those aside it was a fun read to occupy an hour of my time.

B With The Good Hair ,


Another short but sweet story. Wish it could’ve been longer.

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