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Book 1 of 3. Also available in a 3-story bundle.

Georgia's trying for a baby with her boyfriend, but when she's captured by cave-dwelling creatures, one of them claims her for himself. Deep beneath the earth, she finds the domination she never knew she craved. But whose baby will she have?

Contains a masterful cave-monster, sex in three different orifices and impregnation on a hard stone floor.

This short story is roughly 4,700 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

Leaning in close, he spoke directly into my ear. “You smell ripe, but I need to be sure.”

His words sent an icy trail down my back and started up a tingling between my legs. Ripe for what?

“What’s going on?” Selina hissed and I squeezed her hand.

He pulled me away from her. “Take the other one to the surface.”

“No!” We both cried, fighting to hold on to each other.

The creatures pressed in around us and my friend slipped out of my grip. The crowd bore her away and her shouts of protest grew more distant.

She’ll be safe. She’ll call for help.

I kept telling myself that it could have been worse, but when they all left and I was alone with him, I wasn’t so sure any more.

He circled me in silence and I just stood there, my breathing getting faster and faster. I could still feel his hands on me where he’d tried to open my fleece.

“You want to breed, don’t you?” He came to a stop behind me, raising the hairs at the back of my neck.

You smell ripe.

“You don’t need to answer me. I know you do.”

“Please let me leave.”

His finger moved to the gap between my collar and hair. He stroked the tip of his finger across my neck and I closed my eyes. Visions of his long, pale member swam up behind my lids. No. I couldn’t. I was with Marco.

“I want to breed too.” He slid his finger round to my collarbone, slipping his hand under my layers to caress my warm flesh. Fresh moisture sprang up between my legs and I struggled to breathe.

He moved his hand lower, embracing me from behind as his fingers grazed the top of my breast. “Let me plant my seed in you,” he whispered in my ear. “I can smell your excitement.”

My panties were so wet, I was sure he was telling the truth. “I can’t.” But we both knew how much I wanted to.

Fiction & Literature
November 25
Neneh Gordon
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