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Jake Larson, recently divorced, needs to hire a nanny to help take care of his kindergartener daughter. On the recommendation of a recruiting agency, he hires Erin, an Irish girl with experience as an au pair.

See what happens when sparks fly between Jake and his Irish Nanny.

An excerpt from Breeding the Irish Nanny:

The phone on his desk rang. It was his assistant. He pushed the speakerphone button.
“Jake, Erin Murphy is here for her appointment,” the disembodied voice of his assistant came out of the speaker. He knew from the paperwork that this one came highly recommended by the previous family. It also indicated that, like the last candidate, the girl was 18 years old.
“Send her in.”
A few seconds later, his assistant opened the door and motioned for the girl to come in.
Jake’s had to exercise supreme self-control to keep his eyes from bugging out when he saw her. The girl was petite, only about 5’2 inches tall, he guessed. But she was wearing what looked like about 4 inches heels, which made her appear taller. She was wearing a cute little sundress that did absolutely nothing to hide her figure. She had a trim tiny little ass, which was perfectly contrasted by one of the most amazing sets of t**s he had ever seen.
Her long blonde hair fell straight down, cut in a Jennifer Aniston type haircut. Her complexion, unlike the previous candidate, was creamy and flawless. Her eyes were a deep sapphire shade of blue that sparkled brightly.
Jake stood up and extended his hand.
“Hi, I’m Jake Larson.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Erin Murphy.” She spoke with an accent, which he guessed was Irish. She smiled at him and displayed a dazzling set of perfect white teeth.
“Jesus, I could really get in trouble with this one,” Jake thought to himself.
Erin took his hand. Her skin was warm and soft. Unnerved by her beauty and her charming accent, he shook her hand longer than usual before letting it go.
He looked up at his assistant. Robin was a cute, but very married late 20-something. She was an unrepentant smartass, which he oddly found to be his favorite quality about her.
Behind Erin’s back, she shot up her eyebrows twice, Groucho Marx-style, and grinned at him as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

(Warning! Contains graphics descriptions of sex acts. All characters are 18+, and all readers should be as well)

Fiction & Literature
March 26
Darque of Night Publishing
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