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If only life came with instructions.

Boyd McNaughton is working on balance. He is a father, a brewmaster, and the oldest brother of four. When he’s not running Foghorn Brewery with two of his brothers, his days are packed with carpools, teenage angst, and well-intentioned school moms determined to send him on the perfect blind date. After a simple argument ends with a visit to the emergency room, Boyd discovers the one thing he’s been neglecting—his life.

Ella Walters is working on connection. Having grown up in a less-than-affectionate family of overachievers, she moved to Petaluma for a slower pace and to escape her past. She has friends now instead of accolades, chooses chocolate croissants over super foods, and cherishes the peace that’s replaced the drama. Sure, she occasionally misses the buzz of the San Francisco General Hospital ER, but Ella is learning that navigating a fuller life can be just as exciting. 

When Boyd’s son, Mason, seeks out Dr. Ella for “advice” and Boyd stumbles all over her newly healed heart, she finds herself longing for something she never knew existed. But families are messy, and they’ll both need to let go of the past if they want to find a future that’s more than by the book.

Below are courtesy content warnings to the best recollection. They cover the major topics/themes, but may not be as nuanced as other trigger/content warning sites.

- divorce, medical procedures, alcohol, toxic parental relationship, toxic ex relationship

Note: Each Love Story is a standalone. There are some shared characters throughout the books (siblings, friends, etc.) Closely related books are often distinguishable by the similar covers. The book order so far is as follows:

- Premiere

- Candidate

- Taste

- Reserved

- Stirred

- Vacancy

- Playbook

- Exposure

- Brew

- Smooth

- Tap

September 19
Tracy Ewens
Tracy Leigh Ewens

Customer Reviews

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A wonderful single father love story.

Why do I always wait so long to read a new book by Tracy Ewens? (I've had this one for several months and got derailed by a hurricane back in September 2017.) I love her writing and every single book that I've read in her "A Love Story" series has been at least a 4-star read for me.

The "A Love Story" series books are somewhat connected but also stand alone. Brew begins a new group of stories about brothers who own Foghorn Brewery. Each brother will get a book. If you haven't read any of the others in the series, Brew would be a great place to start.

Boyd is a single father trying to raise his son and maintain balance in his life. Ella is a doctor who moved to Petaluma to get away from a disaster of a relationship. Boyd and Ella meet when he goes to the ER after cutting his hand.

I'm a fan of slow-burn romance stories and this one is a gem. Boyd has neglected his personal needs in order to give all of his attention to his thirteen-year-old son. When he feels attracted to Ella he's not quite sure how to handle it; he's been out of the game too long.

There is a fair amount of angst to this story, but not too much in my opinion. Boyd screws things up royally with Ella and has to get advice from his brothers (even though he's the oldest) on how he can fix things.

I just can't say enough good things about this book and the entire series.

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