Bride of Mist

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Bride of Mist (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch, Book 3)

From USA Today bestselling author Glynnis Campbell...A beautiful and deadly warrior lass tracks down a savage Highlander and targets him for assassination, until she learns he's not the villain he seems, but a noble laird desperate to win back both his tormented clan and her precious heart.

After a Highlander savagely attacks her clan, mysterious and elusive Feiyan la Nuit knows she is the only warrior lass with the skills to track down the villain--and the nerve to assassinate him. But when she flinches at coldblooded murder, he seizes the advantage, unmasking her and taking her hostage. The son of a laird, Dougal mac Darragh never intended to wage war with the infamous Rivenlochs, nor is he the kind of man to hurt a lass, but now his only hope to keep his clan safe is to ransom his beautiful captive. Soon a brutal secret comes to light, one that threatens both their clans, and they discover that only by joining forces--and hearts--in a desperate battle will they truly prove that love conquers all.


Book 3 of The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch

One bride of Fire… One bride of Ice… One bride of Mist… Born into the Rivenloch clan of warriors, Jenefer, Hallidis, and Feiyan, three fearless and fierce Scots lasses, are ready to battle the world, until heart-melting heroes arrive to challenge the spirited brides, storming their defenses and winning their hearts with the power of love.

Length: Novel

Rating: R-rated for passionate passages

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Key Themes: Scottish historical romance, adventure stories, strong women, Highland brides, knights in shining armor, hostage heroine, martial arts, female knight, medieval castle, cousins, sword fighting, Highlander romance, women warriors, stories with humor

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Glynnis Campbell
Glynnis Campbell

Customer Reviews

CelticBarb ,

Love, Lies and Betrayal

Book: Bride of Mist
By Glynnis Campbell

Series: The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch, Book Three

Overall Book Review Rating: 5 Stars

Blog Review Rating: 5 Saltire Flags

A decade ago, the depraved and resentful teenage brothers, Fergus and Morris mac Giric were exiled from their clan. It was for the horrific beating of an innocent ten year old orphan, Colban ( Bride of Ice) who was under Laird’s protection. This crime was reported by the laird’s son Morgan, (Bride of Fire). This was all due to their petty jealousy of Colban’s close friendship with the Laird’s son, which would remain true through adulthood. As even in their future as men, Colban will become Morgan’s right hand who will eventually be the mac Giric Laird. Now since these two black hearted brothers were exiled from the clan forever, the brothers plan to get their revenge one day and destroy Moran mac Giric, this also includes the entire mac Giric clan! So to hide their true identity they now call themselves the Fortanach brothers planning to take whatever they desire whenever they can!

Dougal mac Darragh does not know why his father made his brother the Laird. As his brother Gaufrid is useless he can’t read, do the accounts and knows nothing about leading a clan! Now it seems Gaufrid has put a price on his own brother’s head! This mac Darragh Laird also enjoys drinking spirits, bullying people, seducing innocents and keeping company with those depraved Fortanach brothers! Fergus and Morris who were definitely a bad influence, not that his useless brother needs much help in that area, yet they lead him further down the black hole of dishonor, debauchery, and destruction!As they only gamble, cheat, steal, fight, womanize and abuse clan members every chance they get! Plus everyone from villagers to servants fear their Laird he wasn’t a man to honor and protect his clan as he should!

Soon the Fortanach brothers fabricate a story, leaving false evidence that makes it look like the mac Giric clan did this horrifying crime! When Dougal sees his entire village was slaughtered in the most diabolical and atrocious way possible he goes totally Viking bezerk with insane anger! He runs over everyone in his path, making him go bezerk thinking it was the mac Giric clan not realizing it was the Rivenloch Warriors! When he realizes his mistake, as he realizes he has just murdered a lass thinking her a man. He is now filled with so much guilt and remorse feeling like a depraved monster as he would never ever raise his hand to any woman ever! Had he known she was a woman he would of backed away immediately -of this he has no doubt! However, things are not the way Dougal thinks and he is filled with so much hatred toward himself he is not thinking straight. This includes not realizing the lass he thinks he just killed that her tracker and weapons expert cousin is now following him!

Feiyan la Nuitfey has murder on her mind!She is the smallest of the Rivenloch maiden warriors, and is used to going unnoticed which makes her a grander tracker and spy. In addition she has an arsenal of weapons on her person which is like a second skin to her. However she has a difficult time completing this task, as she even kills her prey with honor! Dougal has very little options, he soon realizes his mistake so he must take Feiyan and hold her for ransom as his captive as it’s the only way to save his clan.

For Feiyan she delayed killing him not because he is the bonniest lad she has ever seen in her whole entire life! The true reason is she doesn’t understand him as his personality is a total contradiction! Dougal mac Darragh seems to be a kind, caring and honorable man, not the hardened-cutthroat she was expecting which is very confusing to Feiyan. Dougal soon realizes he has very little options and soon realizes his mistake. Realizing he must take Feiyan and hold her for ransom as his captive. It is the only way to keep his clan safe. Eventually Feiyan realizes the truth and why he isn’t a mass cutthroat at all, but a braw, honorable, caring and protective man with a broken heart. They soon realize they have to remain on the same side of the battle to win this war with their true enemy, not only the Rivenloch’s but her cousin’s husbands of the mac Giric clan too, who is the true target! Yes during this time two hearts open, but is it a short lived fleeting love or one that will last forever? Read and discover the fates of Feiyan la Nuit and Dougal mac Darragh!

Glynnis Campbell pens another riveting, page turning, action packed, romantic-adventure, that kept me up late into the night. This one is filled with so much betrayal , deception and revenge, my head was spinning! Again Campbell’s storytelling ability just blew me away, with so many twists and turns that had me gasping with delight, yet never knowing what was about to happen as I turned each page! Again she kept her brilliant charm and wit in the story, something I have learned to recognize over the years reading her marvelous books. A book I absolutely highly recommend as she truly is a rockstar author!

The Warrior Daughters of Rivenlocch
By Glynnis Campbell

1)Bride of Fire - Jenefer & Morgan
2)Bride of Ice - Hallidis & Colban
3) Bride of Mist - Feiyan & Dougal

The Warrior Rivenloch Series) by Glynnis Campbell or Sarah McKerrigan, Kira Morgan if you own older books under her former pen names.

The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch

1.Lady Danger - Deidre
2.Captive Heart - Helena
3.Knight’s Prize - Miriel
4.Yuletide Kiss - Kimberly
5. The Shipwreck - Avril

I received a complimentary ARC copy from the author. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.

Cabookworm ,

Love and betrayal

Bride of Mist by Glynis Campbell
This story is Feiyan’s and Dougal’s. Dougal is a son of the previous laird but for some reason his father made his brother Gaufrid the laird. During the introduction you meet the two people who hurt Colban and were exiled from their clan. These two became stalwart friends with Gaufrid. He’s a terrible laird who rules with directions from the two brothers and he’s a drunken sot. They have plans of their own. The two brothers tell a tale of death and destruction of a nearby village naming The Mac Girac clan as the guilty party. Dougal rides out to the village and is horrified by the senseless deaths of the entire village and rides out to avenge them and attacks the Rivenlochs as he believes it’s the hold of the Mac Giracs as he has been told. He comes at them during a mock competition and attacks while the other party has blunted swords for their mock battle and are unprepared for his swift brutal attack. Dougal has a regular sword and during his blind rage attack believes he killed one of the warrior maids. He’s shocked and plagued by horror at the fact he killed a lass. He flees and leaves behind evidence of his identity. Feiyan was horrified seeing her cousin felled by his blade. The fact that her cousin almost died and she swears to avenge her and sneaks out chasing his trail. She’s determined to kill him for what happened and make a name for herself in the clan. She feels invisible and not worth much to her clan. I’ll stop telling you the story but soooo good. I love seeing the sparring and back and forth between the main characters and how the rest of the story turns out. My favorite in this series so far. Pick up your copy and read! Soooo looking forward to next installment in this series. Brava Glynnis!
ARC in exchange for honest review.

romancereader77 ,

Bride of Mist

I was disappointed in this book. I’ve been waiting on it to come out since the last one in the series. It didn’t have the humor the rest of them did. Plus it seemed like it was filled with a lot of nothing just to be able to have enough to make it a complete story. I don’t mean to make it sound horrible because it wasn’t. It just wasn’t amazing like her other books. I’ve read around 30 of this authors books because I do love her writing. I just wished this one would’ve been at the same level as them.

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