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I will NOT sit around and watch my people choking to death, crying to death, suffocating and breaking out into hives because of a Syrian projectile. I will NOT sit in the comfort of this apartment in this comfortable country while my people suffer. I cannot

Family harmony reigned in Brooklyn among Amir, his wife, Amanda, and her parents, Mahmoud and Michelle, despite their different religious upbringings. All of that changed when Amir was called back to his homeland of Israel to help secure a warehouse full of chemical weapons held by a Syrian militia that threatened to wreak havoc on the Holy Land. Suddenly, Mahmoud could no longer talk to Amir without having a panic attack, Amanda's extended family bitterly criticized her choice of mate, and Amanda herself wondered if she could stay in a marriage with a man that was ready and willing to defend his country at any time. Would Amir live to reconcile the ruptures in his family or die valiantly on the battlefield? Could Mahmoud have a change of heart and grow out of his racist attitudes towards Israelis? Is it even possible for Jews, Muslims, and Christians to share our planet in peace? Bridge of Comprehension touches on issues raised every day in our news headlines and our own homes, exploring how religious, cultural, and personal divisions can be overcome by mutual understanding and tolerance. Follow this intriguing novel from the New York City basement where jihadists plan bomb attacks to the corner of Syria where chemical warfare threatens to erupt and find out how peace could possibly break out in our world.

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October 14
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