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I was raised in a law enforcement family,

I’m no stranger to crime, criminals, or the belief that you trust your gut.

I might be a rookie, but as soon as my cop-instincts are put on high alert,

I realize that something sinister is going on.

FBI special agent, Eli Gray, is my big brother’s best friend.

He’s close with my entire family.

Except for me, he avoids me like the plague.

But when I catch the attention of his number one suspect in a sex trafficking ring, Eli can’t force himself to stay away.

I’m not looking for a hero just a big time arrest under my belt,

And a hot federal agent in my bed.

Fiction & Literature
August 13
F Squared LLP
F, Squared LLP

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


Bridget and Eli met years ago when he became friends with her older brother. She has been harboring feelings for him since then. Unbeknownst to her Eli has felt similarly, but has kept it just friends because of her brother and their eight year age difference. Now Bridget is a rookie cop and finds herself in the middle of Eli’s case at the FBI. Eli can no longer hide how he feels, but Bridget is not to thrilled with the way he goes about trying to protect her. Will they be able to navigate their two professions and their burgeoning relationship or will the stress of their jobs and family end them before they even begin?

Chicky345 ,

Book’em Bridget

This is the second book in the Iron Badges series and let me tell you they each crack me up a bit more. I want to be part of this girl gang #NotAGang so bad it’s not even funny. These crazy women know how to have a good time but they also know how to get the job done. And that’s exactly what they do when it’s time to put down a sex trafficking ring that Bridget accidentally stumbles upon. The chemistry between Bridget and Eli was the best! I loved the older brothers best friend/ best friend’s little sister set up. It gave them a little more background for their story to unfold as quickly as it seemed. It also helped when I felt Eli was being a bit condescending to remember that he’s known her so long that he knows exactly how she’s going to react so he does and says the things that will cause her to react just so he can get a rise out of her. I can’t wait for the next Badge on the line to get her book.

Reader@70 ,

Bridget trusts Iron Ladies

Your career and life hang in the air and you do not know who to trust. Bridget has known Eli since HS but he was always just friends. Now Bridget has followed her family in the law enforcement field. On a routine stop of a white van, Bridget calls it in but there is nothing to hold the driver or vehicle for but it does not sit right in her mind. She investigates numbers on paper w/brothers and Eli who keeps it but she tries to piece the code together and that is where she must decide who to trust. This book will keep you turning pages and see the real life risk that exist for officers of the law. If Eli could be any hotter, your book or computer might ignite!

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