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You may be ascending, not crazy! If you are experiencing massive new insights, energies, downloads, visions, or being drawn to multiple dimensions in a totally new way (like, wow maybe this stuff I've kind of thought all along IS real) you are not alone! Many of us are experiencing this awakening, remembering who we really are, uncovering gifts we though were impossible, implausible, or just plain weird. Weird is the new normal! 

In February of 2017, I suddenly began to "channel." I had never done this before, and after getting over the shock of it, I discovered it is the most natural thing I have ever done. The Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe, beings of unspeakable love and light, have a message for you. (Hint: we are building a superhighway of the heart, we are awakening to our 5D natures, our gifts are being activated, we are in for the ride of our lives). Leaf through this simple book, surf to the webpage to listen to the channellings for free, then try it yourself! Your gifts are your gateway to the new consciousness. Access to your own wisdom is the gateway to your gifts. Love is the way, and you are your own guide!

About Sheila: Sheila Gallien is a surprised ascender, writer, surfer, single mom and fierce focus expert. She loves to navigate worlds, having worked at diverse levels in business, entertainment, hospitality, sales, and whatnot. Her mission is to unlock heaven on earth by mastering her own gifts, and helping others to activate and master theirs. She regularly posts her channellings and writings on sheilagallien.life, and is a contributor for Thrive Global. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.  

May 12
Over the Falls Productions
Sheila Ann Gallien