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Driven by a powerful love story, The Book of Tomorrows is a suspense-filled conspiracy thriller steeped in dark secrets, hidden pasts, ancient truths, and might just turn out to be the first prophetically true story set 175 years in the future, as it puts forth a distinctly credible answer to life’s greatest mystery, life itself.
A Trilogy within in a Trilogy, Forever Tomorrow: Volume One of The Book of Tomorrows begins this visionary epic at the end with Book One: Bright Night Past Yesterday. Each volume tells a complete story the reader can enjoy separately, chronologically, or as numerically conceived, starting and ending with Forever Tomorrow. Book Two: Dark Light Present Today of volume one directly follows book one, while holding back Book Three: Evening Dawn Future Tomorrow as the last story told. Readable as its own separate trilogy, Forever Tomorrow tells a tale the whole family can enjoy, while Volume Two: I, Messiah & Volume Three: The Prophet Warrior, contain much darker stories more mature readers can pass down to their children when old enough.
In the year 2190, New America is celebrating its first centennial, marking the time when a wandering rogue turned into a Prophet Warrior rebuilt the battle-scarred country on 5 key principles for survival he found in the pages of The Book of Tomorrows. But years later, a hereditary link reveals a dark conspiracy that forces a young couple on a fateful journey through the past to save their future tomorrow.
Michael Angel and Eve Adams meet for the first time through a government mandated Selected Breeding Program. He is the unknown heir of the Prophet Warrior and she is a rebel spy of the Free Will Forever (FWF) rebellion specifically recruited to be Michael’s mate. They fall in love at a museum, where they join a group of schoolchildren taking a computer-guided history tour given by an animated, 3-D old man, who looks like a cross between Albert Einstein and The Monopoly Man. Michael works as a researcher for Jacob Rose, the country’s most beloved celebrity and Michael’s best friend. Jacob’s TV specials are a favorite of Guardian Administrator Cain—ancestor of the despot general who co-founded New America with the Prophet Warrior. Michael has to leave on an expedited expedition and makes a fantastic discovery exploring the depths of a submerged New York City on a bold, early morning swim through Rockefeller Center. Meanwhile, Eve is feeling the pressure of not being pregnant from both the SBP and the FWF. Then the discovery of Michael’s hidden ancestral lineage and Eve’s clandestine rebel cause forces them to go seek out ancients truths dating back before the founding of New America to prove the paradox of how great evil can sometimes give birth to a greater good, just as easily as written words meant to save, can also destroy.
An edge-of-your-seat, grand action adventure, where no one is who they appear to be, keeping the reader held in suspense until the last page of the spine-tinglingly final chapter of the epic futuristic trilogy is turned. A well-crafted, intelligent thrill-ride, filled with high adventure, true romance and nail-biting cliffhanger endings, The Book of Tomorrows is an inspirational, socially redeeming good story that is sure to elicit more than emotion from the reader.

Fiction & Literature
September 12
Alexander Ulysses Thor
Smashwords, Inc.

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