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The world is getting smarter. Children born today are more intelligent, more sensitive, more capable, and accomplish far more than in the past...

But this high capacity doesn't guarantee high performance. What can we do—as parents, professionals, and educators—to see these superstars, listen to their worlds, and move out of the way of brilliance?

Alan answers theses questions through professional and personal experience, fresh insights from the latest research, and boldness in moving toward a brighter future.

Praise for Bright

“Bright is a breath of fresh air. Many books have been written on the topic of brightness, giftedness, and talent, but Alan brings something unique to the conversation. A pioneer in his field, Alan brings a deep and sensitive insight into the worlds of bright children. A rare breed himself, he has the gift of anticipating the very next question that the reader has. It is as though he is reading your mind in the best possible way! He expertly handles the subject matter with humour, confidence, pragmatism, and compassion, with a writing style that is accessible, intelligent, and mature. As the parent of an exceptionally gifted child, and director of a school for gifted children, I consider Bright essential reading for any parent or teacher of bright children.”

— Dr Kirsten Baulch MBBS FRACGP GCBA. Parent of a gifted child. Director of Extension Education. www.ExtensionEducation.com.au


“Alan presents profound concepts with a simplicity and clarity that makes powerful and passionate ideas available to readers of all ages and backgrounds. Bright encourages parents and families to realise they have the capacity to become ‘experts’ and to make a real difference in the lives of their highly able children. This is a book I will read more than once!”.

— Dr Gail Byrne MAPS MCEDP MACE. Educational Psychologist. Exceptional Children. www.ExceptionalChildren.com.au


Bright is a delight. This book is filled with useful information and practical strategies for parents and teachers who want to nurture talents and help children develop their abilities.”

— Michele Juratowitch. Counsellor. Director of Clearing Skies. www.ClearingSkies.com.au


“Bright is a ‘must-read’ for every parent, teacher, or manager who interacts with bright people every day. Alan Thompson writes from his own experience as a bright person and combines extensive research with powerful practical tips. Authentic, passionate, engaging, and innovative—this book will touch your heart and inspire you to the core. Enjoy every page!”.

— Otto Siegel MCC MEd. Founder and CEO of Genius Coaching USA. www.GeniusCoaching.com


“What a delight to experience a book that moves beyond the metric of high IQ towards empowering bright kids to find their passion, persist in the face of adversity, and achieve true joy in life. Alan Thompson’s latest work titled Bright inspires parents and educators to nurture emotionally secure, resilient, confident gifted children who have the skills to find a path towards brilliance.”

— Karen King MAPS. Counselling Psychologist. Brainbox Psychology Clinic. www.BrainboxClinic.com.au


“In his book, Alan Thompson reminds us to trust bright learners: to trust that high ability is like an underground stream that will

always find its outlet, if we get out of its way and don’t block its path. He reminds us that adults do not have to push children to achieve, but simply follow their passions. We must not commit soul murder by doubting bright children with the question, ‘Who do you think you are?’ but must listen to and honour who they are. And he reminds us that play = learning.”

— Dr Louise Porter. Child Psychologist. 


“What can I say... I LOVED THE BOOK! Bright is a refreshing and informative book that captures the reader’s attention from start to finish. Alan Thompson uses a blend of research and anecdotal information to create a substantive, yet easy to read, text. His use of powerful coaching questions throughout the book provides an opportunity for insight and answers.”

— Jodi Sleeper-Triplett MCC SCAC BCC. CEO and Founder, JST Coaching & Training. Author of Empowering Youth with ADHD. www.JSTCoaching.com


“Alan D. Thompson uses wide ranging and eclectic sources in this clear and coherent primer for parents of gifted children. Using a readily accessible format he leads us through the identification, potential issues,nurturingmental strength, self-control, minimising self-sabotage and how to actively support our gifted children. It’s not about ‘doing it for them’, it’s about ‘letting them do it’. The joy inherent in every page of this book is infectious and invigorating. Bright infuses its readers with confidence and enthusiasm, giving loads of practical advice, resources to investigate, and a set of new viewpoints. An invaluable read for anyone who has taken that first step in identification. Set them up... and step back!”.

— Lise Harper. Educator. Treasurer for Mensa New Zealand.


“In this well-researched and easy-to-read book Alan addresses key issues that bright children struggle with like self-sabotage and lack of focus. The book uses examples to develop reader awareness of the challenges that both parents and their bright children face, and it builds to a stunning conclusion with 100 practical advice tips. While this book is excellent for parents of bright children it should also be read by bright adults!”.

— Diane Spencer-Scarr. Managed Evolution through Digital Engagement. www.Spencer-Scarr.com


“As a teacher who places the utmost importance on the social and emotional wellbeing of the young people I teach, and as a musician with a passionate belief in the power of music, Bright was a heartening read. Although bright and brilliant children are the focus of this book the content is relevant to anyone who nurtures children, regardless of IQ.”

— Gillian Binks. Special Education Teacher. 


“I really love Alan's book, because in addition to helpful advice to parents, teachers, and bright children about how to let brightness flourish, it reminds us of the most important thing we all keep forgetting about: brightness is something to be celebrated!”.

— Marianna Rusche. Psychologist. Mensa Germany. 


“Parenting gifted children is hard and it is easy to focus on the negatives. Alan’s book is refreshingly upbeat with a ton of practical advice for families of gifted children. Based on extensive research, this modern handbook is a handy reference

for the day-to-day challenges we face.”

— Rebecca Evans. Parent of a gifted child. Director of SWISH Education Australia. www.SwishEducation.edu.au


“A common sense approach to understanding giftedness—a topic that is often misunderstood by parents and teachers. More importantly, this book provides practical down-to-earth yet research-based ideas to maximise the potential of gifted children. It skips the technical jargon and yet summarises relevant research for everyone who wants to understand and support their gifted children and students more.”

— Delia Nicholas. Parent of a gifted child and a registered and practising teacher.


“Thompson’s excitement about the potential of young exceptional minds is infectious. You will marvel at the intellectual capacity of the young people he has worked with. You will reflect on bright people you have come across in your life and understand them just that little bit more. You will want the super bright to be given every chance to become their ‘best selves’, for their own good and for the good of us all. You will relax in the knowledge that this is entirely possible, the toolbox is right here in your hand. A must-read for teachers, parents, and anyone who wants practical, real life guidance in giving bright individuals the environment and space to thrive.”

— Natalie Peterson. Parent. Business Manager for Totally Sound.


“Such an amazing book! It is a real treasure-trove of valuable experiences, expertise, and knowledge. If only we'd had it earlier! Now I can feel the real value of play for bright children and the importance of bringing playfulness, support, acceptance, and optimism to life!”.

— Sonja Kitak. Parent of bright twins. Teacher. Coach.


“I really loved the book... the format encouraged learning, inquisition, and curiosity (the very definition of good teaching and learning). I wanted to shout about how important it was—in this terrifying, rapidly changing world—to have a voice like Alan’s encouraging and celebrating the brilliant minds (and their parents!) that will save us. But I don't know that I can find a precise and succinct way of expressing this. So, if I was to say anything it is the following: ‘My only regret in reading this book was that I allowed my busy life to get in the way of my reading it earlier!’ ”.

— Neville Talbot. Parent. Music educator. Musician. Conductor. Manager Tetrafide Percussion. Artistic Director Albany Sinfonia.


“Each child has a unique innate claim to live their best life. Bright by Alan D. Thompson vividly illuminates what it means to have a bright child, how to uncover your child’s brilliance, and how to nurture bright children to give their best gifts to the world. An amazing read with many practical applications for everyday life.”

— Travis Bergsgaard. Parent. Writer. Entrepreneur. www.TravisEric.com

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