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Brody King, part of Hope City’s elite JDET team eyed their new DEA liaison, Amber Swanson with locked-down rage.

It had been ten years since she’d broken his heart, and it wasn’t nearly long enough for him to get over her… or begin to forgive her.

For Amber, ten years had been too long to keep her secret, but his wasn’t the only heart broken. She and Brody were forced to work together, but they needed to talk about more than the team. Somehow, she had to find a way to make him understand what happened ten years ago… and be willing to take a chance on her again.

When the truth is revealed, old betrayals resurface, but Brody and Amber have to put that behind them and move forward if they want to become a family.

Hope City

One city… countless stories.

Brock (Kris Michaels) book one

Sean (Maryann Jordan) book two

Carter (Maryann Jordan) book three

Brody (Kris Michaels) book four

Kyle (Maryann Jordan) book five

Ryker (Kris Michaels) book six

Rory (Maryann Jordan) book seven

Killian (Kris Michaels) book eight

Torin (Maryann Jordan) book nine

Blayze (Kris Michaels) book ten

July 28

Customer Reviews

Reader@70 ,

Hope for Love and Forgiveness

Brody is a man rejected by the woman he loved 10 years ago. That night changed him forever. Amber, afraid for her future goals, was scared and ran. Later the same night, Brody was severely injured and required time to heal and repair his broken body and heart. During this time, Amber made attempts to talk to Brody but he was protected by his family.
Amber made decisions based on the circumstances she was faced with and focused on making a life for herself and her son.
Time passes and Amber is promoted to JDET—the same team with Brody. She decides to try and tell Brody about their son. Amber is rebuffed as Brody doesn’t want to bring up the past. She finally demands a few minutes of his time because her son wants to meet him.
Kris Michaels brilliantly takes us through the healing that has to happen between everyone involved. Truly, it is a beautiful thing to see adults come together for the benefit of a child. All of this happening while there is a serious case and the homeless are dying on the streets.
I look forward to reading more of these amazing characters in this city of Hope. Both authors writing similar yet compelling stories makes for great second chance romances.

Jamilagiel ,

Second Chances❤️

Love this book. It’s a book of second chances.
Amber and Brody were young and in love. But when Brody proposed Amber she ran away.
After 10 years they meet again and they have to work together and Amber.
Amber has a secret to tell Brody but he doesn’t want to talk to her.
Amber made mistakes that she is willing now to rectify.
At first, I admit, that I couldn’t understand Amber. But as the story continues I understood her. She did make a mistake, but she did also try to rectify it.
This is a book about second chances. A book about forgiveness. Kris Michaels’ writing is one of my favorites. When I finish her books I always have a big smile and wanting to read the next book ASAP because she always tease her readers with a little of what’s coming next.
Can’t wait for Ryker.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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