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In the words of Harvard economist Niall Ferguson, the United States is “an empire on the edge of chaos.” Why? Glenn Beck thinks the answer is pretty simple: Because we’ve turned our backs on the Constitution.

Yes, our country is financially broke, but that’s just a side effect of our broken spirit, our broken faith in government, the broken promises by our leaders, and a broken political system that has centralized power at the expense of individual rights.

There is a lot of work ahead, but we can’t move forward until we first understand how we got here. Starting with the American Revolution, Glenn takes readers on an express train through 234 years of history, culminating with the Great Recession and the bipartisan recklessness of Presidents Bush and Obama. It’s the history lesson we all wished we’d had in school. (Did you know, for example, that FDR once made a key New Deal policy decision based on his lucky number?)

Along the way, you’ll see how everything you thought you knew about the political parties is a lie, how Democrats and Republicans alike used to fight for minimum government and maximum freedom, and how both parties have been taken over by a cancer called “progressivism.” By the end, you’ll understand why no president, no congress and no court can fix this problem alone. Looking toward them for answers is like looking toward the ocean for drinking water— it looks promising, but the end result is catastrophic.

After revealing the trail of lies that brought us here, Broke exposes the truth about what we’re really facing. Most people have seen pieces of the puzzle, but very few have ever seen the whole picture—and for very good reason: Our leaders have done everything in their power to hide it. If Americans understood how dire things really are, they would be demanding radical reform right now. Despite the rhetoric, that’s not the kind of change our politicians really believe in.

Finally, Broke provides the hope that comes with knowing the truth. Once you see what we’re really up against, it’s much easier to develop a realistic plan. To fix ourselves financially, Glenn argues, we have to fix ourselves first. That means some serious introspection and, ultimately, a series of actions that will unite all Americans around the concept of shared sacrifice. After all, this generation may not be asked to storm beaches, but we are being asked to do something just as critical to preserving freedom.

Packed with great stories from history, chalkboard-style teachable moments, custom illustrations, and Glenn Beck’s trademark combination of entertainment and enlightenment, Broke makes the case that when you’re traveling in the wrong direction, slight course corrections won’t cut it—you need to take drastic action. Through a return to individual rights, an uncompromising adherence to the Constitution, and a complete rethinking about the role of government in a free society, Glenn exposes the idea of “transformation” for the progressive smokescreen that it is, and instead builds a compelling case that restoration is the only way forward.

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October 26
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Customer Reviews

Phil Tymps ,

Why is it?

The first two progressives to comment just hours into the release of the book had one thing in common. They called for violence against Glenn and his supporters. Speaking out against our President is worthy of treason and death, really? 1st amendment be damned! And they call us radicals?

If the same criteria were applied to them during the Bush years, the growth in the funeral business would have raised our GDP by three percentage points alone!

I'm buying the book today, and like all of his books, I expect Glenn to take his big picture approach, and break it down to executable units of work we can do over the next decade to end the era of the progressives, restore honor to our capital and it's institutions, and to provide the planks to our next presidential candidate.

If our next George Washington is out there, I would encourage him or her to get this book and memorize every page.

Tribute in Tampa ,

I -Tunes needs to make it a requirement to have bought and read a book before allowed to rate it

You must read this book to realize how important it is. It is interesting how BROKE juxtaposes the HUNGER GAMES trilogy and THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Heavily taxing certain groups, especially the producers and employers, and handing that money to others (unearned income) leads to the collapse of the system. Give the people bread and circuses (as mentioned in all 5 of the aforementioned books) to distract and blind them from what the ruling class is doing right before their eyes.

CurlyBrunette ,

A must read!

I think if people stopped making fun of Glenn and started listening to him, I mean really listen, then maybe they would learn something. He is a genuinely smart man who knows a lot more about the history then all of these progressive socialists combined. Calling a man crazy and mentally deranged because you don't agree with him is childish. Educate yourselves, please, before our country is lost forever.

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