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Their love was born in the fires of war, and into war they return.

Caden is called back to Baghdad as a trauma surgeon. Left to her own devices, Greyson hunts the last, mysterious clues to Blackthorne Solutions-the company that administered her husband's treatment.

The trail dries up. In order to saves the man she loves, she has to accept a job from Blackthorne and—against Caden's wishes—follow him to Iraq.

Now in the belly of the beast, she learns all too well what Caden went through, and she learns how to remedy what was done to him.

But will he accept the treatment?

And will she still love him when he's whole?


The Edge

Rough Edge

On the Edge

Broken Edge

Over the Edge

July 10
Flip City Media Inc.
Flip City Media Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jnjmom23 ,

Broken Edge

This series has had me going crazy with anticipation from the prequel until Broken Edge. I can not wait to see what happens to Greyson and Caden. The cliffhangers to each book has had me knocking my head up against my Kindle. I am rooting for this couple to make it through all of the obstacles that have been thrown their way from the war to Caden’s past that it trying to cause pain in the future. I can not wait to read the conclusion to this series.

seansmother ,


Another masterful story. Even though I had a feeling of dread reading most of this book, I was on pins and needles and read this in one day because I could not put it down. There are a lot of moving parts in this story and it’s fun trying to figure out how the puzzle will fit, even knowing the chance of you actually being right is slim to none. This is a story that will stay with you forever. The characters will haunt you. The writing is incomparable.

starstacy ,

Not as edgy as the other books.

I gave the first two books 5 stars; I loved them & was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This book felt different to me, so I am only giving it a generous 4 stars. This book gave me answers to questions about Caden which was good. But I didn’t feel the passion in this book; it felt more like filler. The cliffhanger is a doozy that I did not see coming, so I will definitely be reading the final book.

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