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Loving Gabe made me stronger than I was before. Better. He taught me that love is both beautiful and vicious, terrifying and intoxicating. 

I'm not afraid anymore. I know now that it's possible for two imperfect people to have a bond worth risking everything for.  

After all we've been through, I thought I was ready to fight any battle. But nothing could have prepared me to face this new nightmare. Giving up isn't an option. Hoping simply to survive isn't either. 

Some say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I say--over my dead body. The flawed, frayed love that Gabe and I have? They'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands...

NOTE: This is the final book in the Broken and Jagged trilogy. Previously titled A Love So Deep. Same dark, twisted story leading to the well-fought happily-ever-after, just with a fresh makeover.

December 26
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

A4myangel ,

A love so deadly and a love so deep

Great books. Kept me engrossed throughout both books. Can't wait to read more.

Szmoromou ,

True Love

A Love So Deep is the last installment of The Bone series by Lili Valente. What a way end this heart wrenching love story between Gabe and Caitlin. When an unexpected email brings Caitlin back to her past, it's then that the truth begins to unravel, causing Caitlin to question so much. Why would the people that claim to love and cherish her keep the one most important thing from her?
The last person Caitlin expected to see standing in front of her when she arrives to her deceased father's home is Gabe, her dead boyfriend. Gabe has returned for Caitlin, the woman who has been invading his thoughts and dreams since his surgery. His memories are scattered but the one thing he does remember is that he loves Caitlin. Gabe questions his past and the things he and Caitlin have done, questioning weather he could be with someone who is capable of killing. Caitlin and Gabe hit a tough patch, until his memories come crashing back and the discovery of what his parents are capable of, he knows the love he and Caitlin have is real and untouchable. However, outside threats threaten Cait and Gabe's new start and their happily ever after. DESTINY+SOUL MATES+TRUE LOVE= A Love So Deep!

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Perfect Ending To A Great Series

Oh, my gosh! I knew that this book was going to blow me away. I mean, how could it not? I was sitting on the edge of my seat, e-reader in hand, just waiting. Because I know Lili Valente, and she loves those moments. You know, those moments where you're reading along, taking everything in, and then, BAM! Yep, like a bolt from the blue, Lili's got you saying, 'What the..??!!' This book is full of those moments, believe you me, and I LOVED it.

Although Caitlin has moved forward, the loss of Gabe and the love that they shared is always in her heart and mind. When Caitlin learns that the people that she trusted the most conspired to deceive her, she will do everything that she can to rise and be the strong woman that she has become.

Lili has done a fabulous job with this series, and this book, so beautifully written, and filled with angst, heartbreak, redemption, and love, is my absolute favorite. It is the perfect wrap-up to Caitlin's and Gabe's story, and 5+ stars just doesn't seem like enough. If I had to recommend just one of Lili's series, it would be the To The Bone trilogy. Seriously, add these books to your TBR, because you will love them, and they will stay with you for a very long time.

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