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It took her two years to land Colden "Saint" James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone.

Dusty Owens always had a certain kind of power over Colden. He'd been so close to falling for the girl before he'd left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden James must return to protect the one woman he could never forget. The woman he's always wanted but was too afraid to take. Trouble is, he's a changed man. And now, when Colden wants something, he's got no problem taking it.

When the "Saint" returns home, Dusty Owens and her wounded heart put up a real good fight. But deep down the strong-willed, mechanical bull riding, bar owner knows that she'll always be that girl in love with Colden "Saint" James. For when it comes to the southern drawl, tattooed, alpha male, Dusty finds herself submitting to his every command.

October 15
Kelly Gendron
Smashwords, Inc.

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@LisaHines711 ,

Review: TroubleMaker #1: Broken Fences

Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron is the first book in her TroubleMaker series.

Dusty has moved on past the broken-fence and Colden James and the night she lost her virginity. It was either move on or mope miserably for SIX whole years. Besides, his brother Jimmy said he's married with three kids. Definitely time to move on right? Except when Colden steps back into town and into her bar he walks straight back into her heart.

Colden has been working undercover for the FBI for the past six years and made one stupid mistake. He's been carrying around a picture of Dusty this whole time. Now it's missing and his cover might have been blown. He heads back to Odessa and watches over her from the shadows. The bad guys have seen her picture but there's no way they're ever gonna lay a hand on the woman he loves.

When Colden finds out his little brothers wedding is just weeks away he emerges from the shadows, now having a legitimate reason to be home after all this time. Now if only he can convince Dusty that she belongs to him, that he's not really married with three kids and that he has always loved only her...

A lot of funny, a little action, plenty of heat and voila! You have one great story on your hands. I especially liked how acquiescent Dusty becomes when Colden gets his "Commanding" voice during their intimate moments.

tonywil ,

Fantastic read!!

Love this book. Well written, sexy, can’t wait to start book two of the series.

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