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Take a decadent and sizzling armchair vacation to the South of France this summer … 

Natasha Boyd is back! Writing decadent romance as TASHA BOYD

Josie thought she was getting a promotion at her architectural firm, but instead her career implodes. She impulsively takes up her roommates' offer to nanny for a little girl on a mega yacht in the South of France. Even though she can't stand boats, this seems like fate giving her an opportunity to lick her wounds in a bucket list paradise while she figures out how to get her life back. 

But this little girl she's arrived to look after has a daddy. A widowed, hot, billionaire of a daddy. A man who, for all his wealth, is grumpy, conceited, and utterly closed off. 

Xavier Pascale is on an emotional island of his own making. It's just him and his daughter and he likes it that way. He works hard, his shareholders are happy, his best friends are his bodyguard, and the people who work for him. What's wrong with that? But then he meets Josephine Marin. Her arrival in his life is like an earth tremor along a catastrophic emotional fault line. And now... well, now, he's very, very aware of his isolation and his very human need. But he can't be distracted. When he gets distracted terrible things happen. 

He should send her home. 

He really should.

But what if he just takes what he wants, just this one time ...

April 26
Natasha Boyd

Customer Reviews

akberry ,

Loved the heck out it!

I absolutely loved this new Tasha (Natasha) Boyd book. It was completely worth the wait. One of the steamiest reads I’ve read all year. I enjoyed the banter between the H/h and Josie’s relationship with the daughter completely melted my heart. I loved their relationship and the ending had me tearing up quite a bit.

This was a great read to escape from my hectic life right now. I enjoyed the scenery and how Tasha painted a vivid location wherever they were. And the food and wine had me salivating for a trip to the Mediterranean.

If you’re looking for an escape and some sizzling romance I highly recommend Broken French.

Jenn Watson ,

Amazing read!

This book gave me all the feels. It was hard to put it down at all. If this is your first book by Tasha or your have read everything you want be disappointed. Amazing Amazing!

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