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No one wants to go to the Vietnam War and that includes Santiago.

Gabriella is willing to wait however long it takes for him to return home.

But under the circumstances, he just doesn't want to make her any promises.

When a woman is in love, it's not hard to stay focused and turn a blind eye to the flirtations and come-ons from other men. And that's just what she does. The fact that her parents insisted on setting her up with the local elite didn't deter her one bit, although it did cause her to do a lot of pretending. But she would continue to wait for Santiago for as long as it took.

One day, she just had a feeling… so, she took off around town looking for the man she loved so much, just to find him hiding out from her. Why? He had no words and simply turned her away. He was obviously wounded and scarred by the things he'd seen and done while in Vietnam but they could get through it if only he would let her in.

But was it just about the war? Or maybe he just didn't love her the way she loved him. Eventually, he became connected with a local church, who hired the vet to do some work for them. This gave him a direct connection with God, which was just what he needed to help heal his mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

He was afraid he would never get better and that is why he couldn't commit to the love of his life. Gabriella, however was determined to hold on as long as it took.

Would their love be enough to keep them together?

 Could faith in God be the key to healing and moving on?

 Or is this a love that would die from the invisible wounds of the Vietnam War?

Fiction & Literature
March 28
One Room Schoolhouse, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC