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When one man's death exposes a complex web of lies, three couples discover the true meaning of love, loss and redemption.


I had the perfect life; a husband who loved me, and two kids who were my world. 
Until someone else answered his phone and my perfect life shattered. 
When he died, I was left with answers he couldn't give me and a box full of lies. 
He left me broken. 

I fell in love when I was fifteen, knowing she was the one. 
For five years, she was my everything—my every breath, every heartbeat, every thought. 
She made me promise to move on, promise to find love again, but I broke those promises because I can't move on. 

Two broken souls brought together by tragedy and heartbreak. 
Can a broken love story be fixed?

July 10
Natasha Madison
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

myownbookshelves ,

Beautiful story not to be missed

Natasha Madison left the best for last.
Perfect left me FEELING.
Unexpected left me HAPPY.
Broken left me PERFECT.

In this world, it was Blake and Samantha I desperately wanted to have a HEA. These two people for reasons beyond their control needed life to hand them a break. Even when they found each other, life was betting against them. It is this story that left it for such a page turner.

Natasha's storytelling appeals to the inner hearts & flowers we all want to feel and enjoy in contemporary romance. Although this story has heartbreak written all over it, it's the perseverance that the two characters deserve that keeps the reader engaged. It wasn't a rollercoaster - this story was a day on the ocean. A story where an occasional rogue wave tries to knock down the MCs but they have what it takes to stand. They are not broken - they are each other's missing piece to make a perfect whole.

By all means, I strongly recommend that you read all three books. Although Blake and Samantha's story has qualities of a fantastic standalone within the series, seeing the backstories to the others in Perfect and Unexpected contribute to the series enjoyment. If you love 'true' contemporary romance, pick up the series and diving in for binge read that can't be missed! 5 out of 5 must read stars

Webbhf ,


I absolutely loved this book! This author truly has a magical touch to make characters you think are the enemy and turn them into ones you love. Blake and Samantha were everything and holy plot twist, Batman.

Fairest Reviews ,

Two Broken People Who Can Heal Each Other If They’re Allowed

I sometimes seriously question my sanity when it comes to signing up for romance books to read/review, not because of the quality of the writing, but because of the amount of emotional torment I subject myself to when I dive into an angsty and heart wrenching read.

The title alone, Broken Love Story, should have been my clue-in that Natasha Madison’s newest release was going to shred my heart and make me question if love is worth the pain and sadness that could possibly come with such a delicate feeling.

But while my emotions were all over the place for the duration of the time I spent reading Blake and Samantha’s story, I don’t regret any of the anguish or heartbreak I felt for the hero and heroine as they worked through their grief, their anger, and the obstacles that seemed to constantly be in their way as what they felt for each other turned into something so much more than they could have imagined.

Given the awkward and impossible situation that brought Blake and Samantha together, I really didn’t know how Natasha Madison would make a relationship between them plausible because while Samantha was just as much a victim of Eric’s lies and deceits, Eric’s other family…the members of his other life don’t quite see Samantha as completely innocent and what she represents to many people involved in Blake’s life, especially his sister, is a major road block for any kind of friendship between Blake and Samantha let alone something romantic developing between them. But Madison worked her storytelling magic and positions these two broken souls in one another’s path, allowing them a way to heal their fractured hearts and slowly repair the painful cracks that they thought would remain open wounds forever.

Readers who have read the entire Love Series are very familiar with who Blake is and what he has had to endure, but who Samantha is, is very much unknown besides the assumptions that have been made about her given the role she played in Eric’s life. So, in a lot of ways, this is more Samantha’s story than Blake’s but because both of them need someone in their corner to help them move forward, to live the best life they can, surprisingly enough, they find what they need in one another’s arms and hearts.

Blake and Samantha’s restorative path is not an easy one; in fact, it’s extremely difficult and complicated given everything and everyone they’re up against, but their resilience, their dedication, and their desire for love sees them through, allowing them to not give up, even when their brokenness seems irreparable, and that’s the message this story provides readers, and it’s an invaluable life lesson.

4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

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