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Here is the long awaited third book in the Scary Mary Series -- Broken Spirits!

Mary has been through a lot recently. She defeated a Shadowman, saved Vicky from a coma, and got a date to homecoming. She's ready for life to settle down and be a bit boring so she can catch her breath and process everything that she's been through. But she isn't going to get any downtime.

She may have defeated the Shadowman, but it isn't done with Mary, and it has her number. Literally. Now a scary monster is calling her house and Mary can't block its number. What does it want? How can she get rid of it? And what will she do when it decides to come visit?

Here is another exciting Scary Mary adventure full of chills and humor to entertain you.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 31
S.A. Hunter
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Loveallofthis ,

Love scary Mary series

Can't wait for another book

JMC0506 ,


I absolute loved the book it was amazing but I wish it didn't end with a question I wish you'd make another but anyways I loved it!!!!!!

SimplyGina ,

The "Scary Mary" series gets better with each book!

The story in this 3rd book of the series is simply AMAZING!! It's filled with lots of new spooky - but NOT gruesome - adventures, the kind readers have come to know (and enjoy!) from the first two books. We also see Mary's relationships with her gran, friends (and "maybe a bit more than friends?" friends), and (sort of) frenemy evolve. I eagerly await book 4. :D

BTW, this series is the kind that is best appreciated if the books are read in chronological order. To date that means "Scary Mary" then "Stalking Shadows" then "Broken Spirits". Each book (except the first, of course) makes reference to events that happened in the book that preceded it. This is specially true between books 3 and 2.

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