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All he wanted was peace; all he had was hope. Zeph had spent half his life hiding what he was—keeping his mindjack powers away from dangerous men and running away from everyone he loved to keep them safe. Now that his life is finally coming together—his mom and sister are safe; the girl he loves in his arms—the world is falling apart. The mindreader backlash against jackers is growing daily. Jacker-bigot politicians are stoking fear and gaining power. And jackers on the Fronter’s Purity list are winding up dead on the streets outside Jackertown.


Even the Jacker Freedom Alliance is tearing itself apart.


All Zeph wants is a chance to build a life with Tessa—but even she is losing faith. If there’s no peace between jackers and readers, what future could they have? Then a protest goes terribly wrong, the president starts talk of a Jackertown siege, and a MINDWARE CEO races to develop a dangerous mind-blasting technology. It seems foolish to even hope for peace, but one thing becomes very clear—the only way to put the world back together is to bring down the powerful people breaking it apart.


The conclusion to the bestselling Mindjack: Zeph series, where daring to hope for peace could be the most radical—and dangerous—move of all.

Young Adult
March 9
Twisted Space LLC
Twisted Space LLC

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samray130 ,

Zeph’s Story Concludes with Twists and Turns

Zeph’s story concludes in the final installment of the Mindjack series. As with all stories that have preceded it, this novel gives us even more insight into the Mindjacking world, how it came to be and what are the implications of all of that has happened thus far. In many ways mirroring many major themes at play in the world today, this story is gritty and shows you just how far the underbelly of the Mindjack world goes.
As we’ve seen in his previous stories, Zeph finds himself at the center of many moving parts, a position that he’s now become accustomed to. Zeph accepts the daunting position in which he finds himself and somehow manages to navigate through the chaos that surrounds him, as the reader following him along the path, we experience one curveball after another with Zeph, reeling as each layer that is peeled back uncovers something new, each discovery more explosive than the next.
Through it all, Zeph proves himself to be the hero we’ve always known that he could be, and with that we see his story come to a satisfying conclusion.
If you love the Mindjack world, then you’ll love this novel, and I recommend reading all the books in this series in order to ensure the best possible reader experience. Hold on and enjoy the ride!

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