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***TRIGGER WARNING*** This book contains a heroine who suffered sexual abuse as a child, and a hero who suffered physical and emotional abuse. If you have issues with these elements, this book is not for you.

"The Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on the Brodys and Smileys."

The feud was all Winnie Smiley heard about while growing up next door to those arrogant cowboys, the Brodys. Smiley homestead might be a dilapidated eyesore that she'd run away from as a teen, but it did possess something the Brodys had schemed in vain to get—Smiley Lake. Now, with the region crippled with drought and her monstrous father burning in hell, Winnie stands to inherit the lake. She knows that's why Des is suddenly everywhere she turns, but that doesn't matter. She'd never had a chance to grab at happiness before, so even if it's just the lake Des wants, she's going to make damn sure she's part of the deal.

"The Smileys live to screw with the Brodys."

After nearly dying on the horns of a murder-happy bull, former rodeo star Des Brody now has to figure out his place on Green Rock Ranch. All his brothers are settled with their new families, and they know exactly what to do to make Green Rock run. But Des? All he can do is try to make sure the empire they've built doesn't shrivel up and blow away in the drought. Landing Smiley Lake is key to stabilizing Green Rock's water supply, but there's an obstacle—Winsome Smiley. Only she's not really an obstacle. More like a meal begging to be eaten.

And he's hungry as hell.

"I'm a Brody, and a Brody always gets what he wants."

When Winnie doesn't inherit Smiley Lake, she assumes she and Des are finished before they even began. To her shock, Des has other ideas and shows her an undiscovered world of pleasure. But just as she starts to believe Des wants her solely for herself, she discovers he hasn't been totally upfront with her. Now she had a choice to make—trust her heart, or believe her ancestors had it right in saying that a Brody can never be trusted.

103,000 words

***This contemporary romance is the fourth and final book in the Brody Brothers series. While it may be read as a standalone, I suggest reading the first three books, BRANDED, BRACED and BRUISED for a more enjoyable read. This book contains multiple sex scenes and lots of swearing. It also contains a bossy Alpha who may compel you to throw your Kindle at the nearest wall (please don't). No cheating, no love triangles, no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. Due to adult language and sexual content, this book is not intended for people under the age of eighteen***

June 18
Stacy Gail
Draft2Digital, LLC

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