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A WOUNDED WOLF…A FIERCE PROTECTOR…AN UNSHAKABLE BOND…Will Bronx and Taya be able to create that mystical bond without her inner wolf, or will their love be enough?

A WOUNDED WOLF… Having suffered at the hands of a rogue pack, Taya's wolf retreat's deep inside her. She learns to rely on her humanity as she seeks sanctuary from the pack she'd been taken from as a child.

A FIERCE PROTECTOR…Bronx feels an instant connection to Taya the moment he set eyes on her, even though he couldn't sense her wolf. Her pain and wariness stop him from claiming her right then and there, keeping him and his wolf on edge.

AN UNSHAKEABLE BOND…Neither Taya nor Bronx can deny their feelings for one another, and as the weeks go by, they both give into their desires. Bronx's wolf is ready to claim Taya, wolf or not. Taya misses her wolf, but when her past catches up to them, she'll need more than her humanity and Bronx to save her. They'll need the strength of the pack and help from the Fey if they hope to come out of the battle alive and whole.

Joyfully Reviewed…Sexy encounters, sweet interludes, personable characters and nonstop adventures take charge in a highly entertaining, well-paced storyline that will keep the reader thoroughly hooked.

Guilty Pleasures Review…Elle Boon's style of writing just made this genre even more interesting. She wrote these stories with the style and humor that I have come to love in her books. Yes, there may be some drama, but they are fun reads that keeps you intrigued and smiling. You'll be turning the pages to see what direction she is going to take it.

Fiction & Literature
May 2
Elle Boon
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,

Highly recommended!

We first met Taya in the Iron Wolves series. She was kidnapped and tortured until her wolf retreated. Now she is returning to the Mystic pack where she was born. Bronx is drawn to her even though she appears human. He is very protective of her and doesn’t stray far from her while also trying to give her space to heal. Taya learns her past is not what she believes and she has more family than she knows. When danger comes calling again will Taya be able to get her wolf to come forward in time? Will Bronx be able to show Taya that even if her wolf never returns to the surface they can still be together? Another great book!

Pdb44 ,

Surprisingly I did not like the story

I was looking forward to this book. I’ve always enjoyed Boone for the most part. Taya was not my favorite character. Losing her Wolf was driving the story. Every conversation or event, this was at the forefront. I was tired of hearing it. Too much whining for my taste. Bronx gave everything. Taya got the best of him. Really enjoyed him. My favorite was when the Iron wolves entered the story. Kellen was always a character. Otherwise, very boring story. For me the Mystic pack had no spark. Found myself missing the Iron pack. I recommend because I’m in the minority and Boone is a good author.

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