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Will Bronson wanted a ranch, and he found the perfect location, but the odds were against him. Keeping Texas longhorns alive through the brutal winter in the badlands of the Dakota Territory was a hard enough task, so he didn’t need a feud with the Deckers.
When he left for the west he promised his younger brother Barney he would send for him when he was able. Things were going good for him now, and the money was finally coming in, so that time finally came. Barney was not much a rancher but he was experienced at running a store, so opening the store proved profitable for both of them.
Then he met a woman, and he knew he wanted her in his life, but he would not do anything to come between her and his brother. He tried to stay away from her as much as possible, afraid that his feelings would show and complicate things, but it was not an easy thing to do. Her son Rusty followed him everywhere and he was teaching him about being a ranch hand and generally the ways of the west, but each night he rode home with him she would be waiting.
Things changed slowly in the west, but tragedy had a way of coming quickly, and it was tragedy that sent him on the vengeance trail. The Deckers were out and out killers with no respect for any human life, and he had to stop them before they stopped him.
Like most of the men around him he was proficient with both a pistol and a rifle, but he had never killed a man. Now the Deckers were calling him out and he was answering the call, but he would go alone so no more of his friends would be killed.
Moses Decker was mean, and his four sons were equally mean…could they be the downfall of his dreams? He found the vengeance trail a hard one to follow, and was not prepared for what waited at the trail’s end.

Fiction & Literature
August 9
Robert O' Hanlin
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