Build Your Own AK (Vol. I‪)‬

Headspacing & Virgin Barrel Population

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Got an AK Parts Kit? This ebook shows you how to build it right!

The AK-47 and its variants are world-renowned for being simple, rugged and nearly indestructible. But if you wanted to build your own Kalashnikov rifle there was no good single source of construction information—until now.

This new ebook series dives deep into proven techniques of home-built AKs. Profusely illustrated with numerous photos and diagrams, these manuals will show you exactly how to assemble your AK parts kit step-by-step. Your build will go easy using our techniques, recommended tools, and veteran builder tips/tricks...all with a critical focus on both safety & quality. 

Volume I covers both headspacing procedures and the population of the barrel components in a non-original barrel or virgin barrel AK parts kit. Both AK-47 and Ak-74 build procedures are described in the first book.

Topics include:

Measuring the barrel journals
Cut extractor relief on chamber end of the barrel
Cut the clocking notches for the lower hand guard retainer
Strip bolt, in preparation for headspace check
Align, and press front trunnion onto chamber end of barrel
End mill/ream barrel pin notch, and set barrel pin
Install, and drill/pin Rear Sight Base
Locate, and cut lower handguard retaining notch
Gas Port location
Install Lower Handguard Retainer
Install, and align the gas block
Drill and pin the gas block
Install, and align the Front Sight Base

If you have been waiting for the 'definitive AK assembly guide' before building your AK, wait no more.

Volume II (early 2014) will continue the journey, showing every step to complete your Matching or newly populated AK parts kit into a complete rifle.

Reviewers say…

  “A well needed source of information for the new builder. “

“Very thorough. Lots of details and tips by a legendary builder. This is all you need to start building. Even seasoned builders can pick up new techniques and methods. Every AK builder should own a copy of this book like the bible. I definitely look forward to the next volume. “

“Simply outstanding. "Build your own AK" walks you through step by step on some the difficult areas of home gunsmithing of an AK47/74. Full of illustrations and backed by years of first hand building knowledge.”

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    Loose Cannon Ent.
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