Building a Hero Building a Hero

Building a Hero

The Complete Tilogy

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Publisher Description

Some heroes aren't born...they're built.

All three, full-length novels in the Building a Hero trilogy from USA Today Bestseller Tasha Black.

From Book 1 - Reconstructed:

Westley Worthington has it all. Piles of money, good looks, a head for business, and a seemingly limitless supply of women who want to please him. And that's just the way he likes it. Until a brush with death causes him to rethink his priorities, and consider someone besides himself for the first time in his privileged life. 

Cordelia Cross has never had it easy. Her duty to her family has her working as an assistant to a man she hates just to pay her sister's medical bills. When her arrogant boss alienates his last true friend, she finds herself promoted from schedule-managing coffee grabber, to the newest member of West’s inner circle. 

Tempers, and passions, ignite as the two start spending time together, until a shocking accident puts their newfound attraction on ice. When West is faced with the toughest trial of his life, Cordelia helps him realize that he has all the tools he needs to be a force for justice. 

Together, they must turn West into the hero no one ever thought he could be.

Follow the story though Reconstructed and Augmented, to the exciting conclusion in Upgraded!

Don't miss your your chance to grab all three books in one place!

February 2
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

owl2772 ,


This is the complete trilogy of building a hero. You get to meet Westley Worthington. At first, he’s a jerk; likable but still a jerk. Then there’s Dalton. He’s quiet and serious. Not quite sure what to make of him. Over the stories, you come away with a deeper understanding. Cordelia Cross at the beginning people discount her as just an assistant. She has a backbone of steel and pity to the fool that stands in her way. Mallory is the queen of STEM. Her mind works a little different than average. You get to watch as people learn how to deal with obstacles and challenges thrown their way.

mctucson ,


OMG I love this series it's amazing!!

Reconstructed - Enter Westley who's rich and does what he wants and Cordelia who becomes his personal assistant when he finally pisses off his best friend and he quits. That promotion changes how they see each other and the sparks start flying. But what happens when someone goes to great lengths to steal something and it changes your life in ways you couldn't imagine. What do you do?

Augmented - And so West becomes an unlikely superhero with a push from Jess. But what's going on with him and Cordelia, why is she holding back? And what's is it about Dalton that has his past back for him? This is the 2nd book in the authors new series and once again she wows her readers with an amazing story and wonderful characters.

Upgraded - WOW! A great ending to an amazing trilogy!! West and Cordelia are still apart and figuring out life without the other. West and Edward are still trying to fight crime and Cordelia is still working for Peter. Things are changing in their city and not necessarily for the better but will they be able to figure it out before it gets worse? And will Cordelia and West finally get back together? All questions from the last book are answered and there are also more surprises.

I received this in exchange for a honest review!

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