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Building Routes to Customers explains a powerful approach to maximizing your organization's success by getting the right products and services to the right customers through the right channels at the right time. World-class organizations and fledgling startups alike have employed these strategies and tactics to achieve profitable growth in volatile markets. Through in-depth analysis and dozens of illustrative examples, the authors show you how to employ the "Routes-to-Market" methodology to optimize the productivity of marketing, sales and customer service in your organization.

"A key challenge in dynamic and fast changing markets is getting marketing and sales aligned. This book shows how to do this effectively and drive tactical execution better to achieve a dramatic increase in marketing and sales productivity." -- Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation (India)

"Routes-to-Market came as a breakthrough for IBM at a very challenging time in our industry. It had a big impact on our bottom line by enabling us to grow sales with a much more cost-effective mix of selling resources. Many companies need to solve that challenge today, before their competitors do. This book shows how to do it." -- Ned Lautenbach, Partner, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, formerly Senior Vice President-Worldwide Sales & Services, IBM

"At Adobe we spent millions of dollars with consultants, both large and small. In most cases, a few months later, you couldn't remember the work they did. RTM was simple yet powerful and had lasting value to the company. It made it possible for each product manager to apply the correct resources and achieve an excellent ROI. Companies without this kind of methodology are flying blind." -- Kyle Mashima, VP of Strategic Development, Visible Measures Incorperated, formerly VP of Strategic Development, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

"Technology innovation is not limited to the lab or the manufacturing process. Successfully marketing new technologies is about understanding change and helping customers adopt a new technology to create significant business value. RTM is a practical roadmap for maximizing revenue and profitability throughout the entire product life cycle. This book is a must read for anyone looking to drive technology adoption in today's evolving markets." -- Joan Jacobs, Executive Director of Itanium Solutions Alliance, formerly Global Alliance Director, Hewlett-Packard 

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April 5
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