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Social Media Marketing for your business using Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Building a business of any size these days takes more than radio, television and print advertising. While those traditional marketing strategies still have value, it takes a broader multimedia approach to build and sustain a business. Nearly 97 percent of marketers are now participating in social media. This includes new and small business as well as large and well-established businesses. If you haven’t already begun incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, you better get started!!

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Business & Personal Finance
November 29
David Souza
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Golfer Bert ,

Informative and direct

Easy reading with direct and concise tips and pointers.

Tolis Chan ,

Average book

Nothing new on this book. A lot of general ideas. Luckily, it was free.

Great Tom ,

Awesome chunk of information

There is a lot of great informaiton in just a few short pages. I received some nice nuggets in this 23 page mini book. I wish I could print it out so that I could highlight some key points.