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Offers data-driven proof that products and services appealing to customer’s emotional needs outsell the competition
Provides a clear method and set of tools to enable companies to develop high emotion products and services
Includes case examples from a wide variety of industries

Emotion is the single greatest lever in building enduring relationships with customers—it’s what makes them not just purchase a product or service, but get excited about it. Leading companies do more than produce things that work better. They address their customers’ emotional needs—they make them feel better. But this isn’t something you can add on after the fact. Your products and services must be built to love from the very start. This book shows you how.
Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan have worked on product and brand strategy with market leaders like Apple, Whirlpool, International Truck, PG&E, and many others. They’ve found that to really connect with customers emotions must be generated by the product itself, not simply tacked on through advertising. And they prove the bottom-line value of product-driven emotion by analyzing the stock performance of companies that sell high-emotion products and through data that show people are willing to pay more for products with emotionally-rich features.
After showing that authentic product emotion really does pay off, they move on to how—how emotion can be broken down into its core building blocks, how it is then used to develop new products and services, and how product touchpoints —in particular visual touchpoints — deliver those emotions. Engaging case studies from a variety of industries will help you understand how to integrate emotion into your products and services, regardless of the nature of your business.
Emotion is fundamental to all that is human, including the products we enjoy. Built to Love will help you gain loyal, even fanatical customers by going beyond mere efficiency and speaking to their deepest needs and wants.

Business & Personal Finance
September 13
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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Customer Reviews

David Graham ,

Great read

"Built to Love" takes the reader on an analytical trip into product emotions, highlighting the profitable implications of those product emotions in the marketplace, and then providing a systematic approach to infusing emotions into the product development process. (I should also state that the lessons in "Built to Love" equally applies to B2B & service oriented firms, not just consumer oriented companies.)

Filled with dozens of real-world examples, "Built to Love" is a fascinating look at how-to-win in today's competitive marketplace.

Want more market share? Higher margins? Read the book.

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