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Sometimes a real hero lets you save yourself . . .

Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller couldn’t be more different. She’s country club and fine-dining, he’s cell-block and sawdust. Sayer spends her days in litigation while Zeb spends his working with his hands. But none of that has stopped Zeb from wanting the stunning blonde since the moment he laid eyes on her—even if the reserved lawyer seems determinedly oblivious to his interest.

Sayer is certain the rough, hard, hot-as-hell Zeb could never want someone as closed off and restrained as she is, which is a shame because something tells her he might be the guy to finally melt her icy exterior. When he shows up at Sayer’s door needing her professional help, she’s both disappointed and relieved that she won’t get the chance to find out just how good he could be.

But as they team up to right a wrong and save a family, the steam created when fire and ice collide cannot be ignored.

“Crownover weaves a tale that touches every emotion and keeps the pages turning.” —Liliana Hart, New York Times bestselling author

January 5
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Customer Reviews

Mrsperkins ,

5 hammers

Once again Jay Crownover doesn't disappoint. Taking the frigid and broken Sayer and giving her the strong and available Zeb makes for a beautiful chase. Sayer holds onto her past as if it is a life preserver, and Zeb holds onto Sayer as she is the only option for him. It takes the struggle and the heart of a sweet little boy to help Sayer out of her self induced frozen tundra for her to realize, like many of a Jays other characters, that she is worthy of the best kind of love. I cannot wait to see what Jay thinks up next, but whatever it is ill be there reading.

Itsiest ,

Another book boyfriend!

Two things jumped out at me after reading Built. One...my only complaint about Built is that it had to end. Two...If all of the book boyfriends I have added to my list from Ms. Crownover's series were mine in real life, I would be one busy lady! I adored this book. I'm not sure you can get a more perfect man than Zeb. Not to say he is perfect, it's actually his flaws that complete the package! I loved how he was all in not just with Sayer, but with everything else in his life. I'm not going to give away what happens to him, but I will say it melted my heart and made me love this character more!

It was Sayer that I wanted to strangle often. It was so sad that her father screwed her up so much that she couldn't see what a loving, caring, and wonderful person she really was. It was nice to see everyone not give up on her! This is a couple that you definitely want to root for!

The Saints of Denver series is an offshoot of the Marked Men series. Some characters from that earlier series do make an appearance in this one. And if you have read Leveled some scenes in that will make more sense after reading this one as they take place around the same time. This is a series you definitely want to read. They just keep getting better and better. I just wish they came out faster and faster! In fact check out the excerpt below for a little taste of what you are in for!

MirandaElaine ,


‘Sayer Cole was a project I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.’

EEK!!! A new Jay book in a new Jay series! Holy Hell I am excited for The Saints Of Denver and Built starts it all off with a BANG. Whenever an author I love starts a spin off series I get excited but also weary. Will I love it like the original? Can it live up to the hype? Well, let me assure you Built lives up to it all and more. Zeb and Sayer filled me with all the warm happy feelings, they made me laugh and had me tearing up with the struggle they faced. I was completely enthralled with these two dynamic characters and their unique love story.

‘It felt like a conquering. A victory. A battle fought and won. It felt like he was trying to make it so that I would never be able to kiss anyone else in my life without having to compare it to this moment.’

Built is so different than the Marked Men series and yet still felt comfortable and familiar. We know Sayer as Rowdy’s sister and though we meet the dark and mysterious Zeb previously we don’t know a ton about him or his story. These unlike two could not have been more different and yet they could not have been more perfect for one another. Sayer is as straight laced as they come, a lawyer who comes from a well to do family. She has had a pull towards Zeb since she met him in Bar but convinced she can’t love like she is supposed to she pushes him away. Still unable to have him too far she hires him as a contractor on her house torturing herself daily with having him near and yet unable to act on her feelings.

‘I sure as h*** wasn’t only a client when I was buried deep inside of her and she was whimpering my name over and over again as she came.’

Zeb has a record and knows he is the complete opposite of who Sawyer should want. Yet from the moment he saw her he has made his attraction clear to Sayer but still respects her wishes when she puts distance between them. But when a one night fling comes back to haunt him, Zeb ask Sawyer for help and humbled himself to know that sometimes their are more important things than acting on an attraction. Working closely together to solve his problem Sayer and Zeb grow closer and closer until their desire and chemistry reaches a boiling point. But can Sayer get past all her insecurities and realize she is capable of love and can Zeb realize that being an ex-con does not make him undeserving of someone classy like Sayer?

‘God, did his truth undo me . . . every single time.”

I feel like I was completely unprepared for the vast array of feeling Built left me with. I was overwhelmed with emotion and loved every second of it. Zeb was kind, sweet and patient but also Alpha and refused to be pushed around. When she needed him to be patient he was there waiting and when she needed a push Zeb would become firm and in control. With explosive chemistry (and oh boy when the finally give in after all that build up it is definitely EXPLOSIVE) and a story full of rich characters and emotional development I could not have asked for more from Built.

‘I knew Sayer was going to break my heart and I was willingly letting her do it.’

From the first page I was pulled into Zeb and Sayer’s story and by the end I was sad to see these characters go (though I am sure they will make cameos in other books thankfully.) I grew with them fell in love with them and now I am overly attached to them and sad the book is over and already trying to look at my schedule for a time I can re-read it! Whether you have read the Marked Men series or are coming into this with a fresh start Built, as well as The Saints Of Denver series is sure to quickly become a favorite of yours.


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