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Stephen King: "Put me down as an enthusiastic Christopher Smith fan.  Smith is a cultural genius."

In Christopher Smith's international best-seller BULLIED, the relentlessly bullied 18-year-old Seth Moore is gifted an amulet that ignites within him a wealth of supernatural powers.

If Seth uses the amulet properly, it will protect him from those determined to crush him. But after so many years of being beaten down and humiliated, the question is whether Seth can resist creating a firestorm of horror when the bullies around him create one fatal, awful act that begs for revenge.

Soon, all hell breaks loose. And when it does, a war builds against Seth as others vie to take control of the amulet and use its powers for themselves. It's a war that could mean the death of Seth's friends--and even Seth himself.

From the international best-selling author of "Fifth Avenue," "Running of the Bulls," "From Manhattan with Love," "From Manhattan with Revenge," "A Rush to Violence," "Bullied," "Revenge," "Witch" and "War," "The Complete Bullied Series" is an intense thriller that moves at a break-neck pace. In print, the set is about 350 pages long.


"It seems I'm the first to review this grand finale to what has been a really great series. It's a bit different...I suggested in an earlier review that it was like a cross between Stephen King and J K Rowling..and totally immersed in fantasy. But it's fun and gripping in an addictive sort of way and well worth the read. Chris Smith has found the foolproof solution for dealing with any apparently difficult situation...magic and the power of thought! If you want to lop off a villain's head but don't have the means, it's simple...just 'think' a machete into your hand and hey presto, job done! And this sort of thing is prevalent right through the series, which sort of drifts away from the 'Bullied' theme sometime during Book 2. Interestingly, the author brings us right back to the theme towards the end of the concluding story and even leaves us with a very clear 'anti-bullying' message. Really cleverly conceived and constructed. All in all, this series is superb writing from a newer author who won't stay 'newer' for long. I have to say I do prefer his more conventional thrillers, but the Bullied series is a great romp through magic and the supernatural, and if, like me, you initially shied away as this isn't really your normal genre, then, believe me, you'd be missing a treat. So I urge you all to join me and 'discover' the work of Chris Smith. When he hits the international bestseller list time and again, as he's already started to do, you'll be able to say, like me, that you were enjoying his books when he was an unknown writer!"

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December 26
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