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Just the sight of Dustin Nikoli spiked fear in my heart. The memories of the things that he had put me through in high school made me want to run in the other direction. I was the dirt on the bottom of his shoes, my only purpose someone for him to torment.

No one else saw it. To his peers, he was a man's man. To all of the girls unaffected by his cruelty, a lust object. He was the hottest *sshole you could ever meet. Pretty face. Amazing body. Ugly on the inside.

I moved to another city for college to avoid him. I never expected that he would already be there. Maybe I should have done my research better.

The night that I ran into him couldn't have been any worse. He was the straw that broke the camel's back. I wasn't taking his crap anymore though. I used my inebriation to give me courage and told him everything I thought about him. And then I ended up in his bed...

This is a stand alone novel.

November 21
Sky Corgan
Marla Spring Braziel

Customer Reviews

Ampleamy ,


I liked the book. I was intrigued, but it was confusing at first. I thought I had the wrong story. I thought the story was rushed and I would have liked to have Dustin in the story more. Any hoot a good story.

jenniebeelee ,

Sample was rushed

Okay first of all it’s to rushed ! The writer needs to take her time and actually paint a vivid picture in our minds about what’s going on and that didn’t happen. The character is to naive and the description is different than the sample.

AthenaM_27 ,

A disappointment

This had the potential and the characters to be an amazing read but it really fell short. I kept waiting for it to pick up and it never did. Way too much time spent on the wrong guy.

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