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4 short and naughty stories:

1. The Courtesan's Training

1818, London, England.
When an offer from her former governess comes, Miss Georgiana doesn’t think twice. She is in desperate need of money.
So, she is ready to live in servitude, forgetting her former life as a viscount’s daughter.
She will be a teacher of ladylike deportment. And it doesn’t matter if her pupils are courtesans instead of respectable young ladies.
But when one of them runs off, a powerful duke’s soon-to-be mistress no less, is she willing to take her place and being a pupil instead of a mentor?

2. Older Man: The Wedding Night

1821, England.
Miss Olivia is finally a bride…
But her new husband doesn’t know what to do…
But lucky for them, Mr. Evans, her husband’s mentor, is there to show them how…

3. Oh, My! His New Invention IN Me!

1829, England.
Edith had a dream as an inventor like the Mr. Layman, her mentor and famous inventor.
Their patron, the exalted Duke of Mayhem, had a request for a special sheath for his pleasure.
And now, her mentor had a great need of her, or a specific part of her person, to test the delicate creation.
As a good pupil, of course, she obediently let him use her…

4. A Night with Stranger

1809, England.
Miss Regina was on the run, but luckily she met her sweetheart’s guardian along the way…
He helped her secure a room when they missed the stagecoach… he even ready to sleep on the floor, but he was more than forty, an old man, and of course, she wouldn’t let him…

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