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Being a bunny in a family of wolves leads to Claire running away from home. But when her BFF needs someone to investigate a possible lead on her missing parents, Claire hops to the rescue.

My name is Claire, and I am a bunny shifter who happened to be born in a pack of wolf shifters. Which, needless to say, didn't go over well.

Before the people I thought of as family made me their next dinner, I ran away, and I might have stayed away forever if my best friend hadn't needed my help.

A secret organization has been kidnapping shapeshifters, experimenting on them, too, and someone has to stop them.

Not me, I should add, because I'm a rabbit, not a soldier, but I am good at poking my cute little nose into places I shouldn't and getting information. My mission is to locate the bad guys' HQ so the cavalry can ride in and put a stop to it.

What I didn't expect was to run into an old crush of mine. A werewolf by the name of Derek who isn't bothered at all by my large floppy ears. Lucky me, the only kind of nibbling he wants to do is the delicious kind.

Before we can find out if a bunny can have a happily ever after with the big bad wolf, we've got to stay out of the clutches of some mad human scientists.

April 17
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

Customer Reviews

Crystal Watson 3513 ,

Absolutely hilarious love this series

Lol This book is off the charts good. I freaking love this series! This is Claire's story and oh my goodness what a story! Well peeps out misfit crew is back and you no what that means? Yep lots of trouble, lots of laughing, and lots of butt kicking. Claire is off to find out info on where the evil secret hideout is. When she runs into her old crush from before she left home things get very interesting. Derek is working in this town looking for info on the missing shifter never does he expect to find the one girl who's cute bunny nose makes his wolf howl! When someone tries to kidnap Claire yet again and then blows up her motel room Derek goes full protect mode. What he doesn't realise is that Claire doesn't need it she's a kick butt ninja bunny. Can these two find the evil that's been following the misfits? They will have to fight tooth, claws, and for to save those who are being experienced on. Y'all have to read this series it's sooooo good. I truly hope this isn't the end I mean come on who's in the dang basement!!

nryther ,

Sexy and hilarious!

Bunny Misfit was hilarious, occasionally unexpected, and held my complete attention from the very first word. Claire is a wonderfully written character, hilarious and charming, and 8 instantly loved her. Derek is dark and sexy, typical alpha male, who tries (adorably) to save the “damsel in distress”. All around awesome story with a perfect ending, segueing us into the new Chimera Secrets series!

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