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Peter Grainger, a recently retired British Bank Manager with a penchant for First Editions, finds an old battered journal amongst a purchase of books. Once belonging to the primatologist Doctor Richard Beck, the journal’s contents, and an intriguing note found inside, initiate a tragic sequence of events in an otherwise staid but comfortable existence. What becomes apparent to Grainger, apart from Dr. Beck’s past skills in communicating with primates, was the Doctor’s fortune in finding a particularly gifted Bonobo - the primate version of a Savant with the knowledge of his species oral history, which all lead to some amazing revelations.

Against his wife Annie’s better judgement, Peter Grainger becomes obsessed with the journal, and when his naïve investigations result in the mysterious death of Annie’s best friend; Jane, Grainger is forced to continue his investigations surreptitiously, in order now, to also clear the police suspicions in his and his wife’s involvement in Jane’s death. Grainger suspects a past conspiracy of denial, and the possibility that multiple murders have already been committed to conceal the Doctor’s past discoveries.

Grainger’s blind obsession and meddling into the past bring about an attempt on his life, but it is unfortunately his wife who is the victim. Although devastated by guilt, and torn apart emotionally by her loss, he embarks on the seemingly impossible task of avenging her death while at the same time attempting to reveal the truth, thus hoping to not only uncover the perpetrators, but also the real reason behind all the tragic events.

With the assistance of Harry Chalmers, the Inspector detailed to the murder investigation, the evidence initially indicates a number of possible suspects, primarily the Jesuit Order, but eventually suspicion leads to a certain Lewtech Corporation. The company is involved in the development and supply of guidance systems and other technologies linked to highly sophisticated weapons. J.B. Lewis, the founder, was once a member of SOPA – (Special Operations Projects Africa) within the CIA, tasked with monitoring the activities of the Communist infiltration in the Congo. It emerges that Lewis was involved in the clandestine sale of arms to opposing rebel factions, while ruthlessly eliminating any of his adversaries by infecting them with a deadly virus, a virus that would also herald the initial emergence of the HIV epidemic in humans. The owners of the company seem to be all out to protect their interests by acquiring and destroying the journal and anyone connected with it.

The conclusion is that the journal actually contains a far more terrifying secret from the past.

It reveals a warning to mankind.

Ignore the message, or join Dr Beck and Grainger in their quest; to accept the truth.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 1
Tyler Wills
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