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Charlie Edwards worked many years at his fathers' funeral parlor, but Charlie was getting pretty bored talking to the dead every day and not getting any response. So one day he decided he would pick up someone at the local pub. Put something in their drink and drive them back to the funeral parlor. Then he would place them in a casket with a glass top so he could see their face and talk to them. When his drugged victims woke up they weren't too happy to be hanging out at the Edwards Funeral Parlor as Charlie Edwards’ entertainment. Charlie didn't care what they thought because being able to talk to a live person meant everything to Charlie. Charlie would get the same response from the people he drugged. They would plea for Charlie to let them go. Some would offer him money, you name it, but that wasn't his intentions. Charlie was just lonely and sick and tired of talking to a bunch of stiffs. Charlie would try to console the person he held captive, but that was no use. Charlie decided if they didn't cooperate he would take them out back to the cemetery and bury them alive for not cooperating.
Charlies little escapade went on for several months until one of his victims persuaded him to let them out. But that was a bad idea the victim tried to overpower Charlie, but Charlie just pulled out his switch blade knife out of his pocket and stabbed them in the neck. Charlie decided from now on that wasn't going to happen again.
As the months went by and the body count piled up in the cemetery Charlie was getting bored again and decided to stop bringing people back to the cemetery to bury alive. Charlies victims he buried alive, wasn't so forgiving.

Fiction & Literature
July 26
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Burks99645 ,


This one was very disturbing. The whole issue was a young man with apparent issues and a lack of knowing how to handle situations of boredom. All around creepy.

colemerritt ,

Best book yet

This book was so scary that I would not go anywhere by myself for the past 4days So creepy keep up the good work😎😎

Anna Kaminski ,

Best book ever

It is the best horror book i have ever read

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