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Bailey and Quinn are back!

Bailey Ember Gardener Quinn should've read the manual on caring for an incubus before marrying hers. The marriage license hadn't mentioned anything about their sexy, insatiable ways. If she doesn't get a single night of undisturbed rest soon, she'll snap—or go on a napalm bender.

Either would work.

Recruiting Tiffany "Perkette" Perkins to be her partner-in-crime isn't the best idea, but nothing says fun quite like a roadtrip, and Perkette the Misdemeanor Collecting Queen could teach the devil a thing or two about having a good time.

Add in a string of rabies cases, more puppies than she can count (or readily adopt,) a job promotion, and her very own incubus in disguise on the hunt for her, and Bailey's in for one hell of a ride.

Warning: this novel contains excessive humor, a unicorn on a napalm bender, Quinn on the hunt, and more shenanigans than you can shake a stick at. Proceed with caution.

Burn, Baby, Burn is a sequel to Playing with Fire: a Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count.)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 14
Pen & Page Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,

Friends and Family

Such an humorous and interesting book! Bailey and Quinn are such well suited for each other. Bailey has some issues as she thinks she does and due to lack of sleep she and Arthur’s wife ,Perkette are going on a trip where they will leave clues so their husbands will find them. All well and good but Bailey has a tendency to do some unusual things. Perkette has some desire to collect misdemeanors. So Bailey goes dumpster diving and becomes the proud owner an a puppy which someone has thrown out in a black plastic bag. Now her diving has her taking stuff for rabies as there seems to be a problem with it going around. That is a mystery in it self but the mystery deepens as some one is trying to sell Bailey to gorgons and create another problem.
As the story proceeds you will find a few twist, lots of humor and lots of innuendoes floating around. We must add in all the unusual relatives which both Bailey and Quinn have, who have a tendency to meddle which adds to the humor of the story.
Get ready for the romance, laughter and the fun as the story is awesome. My only complaint is the next in the series isn’t due out unto 2021, way too long to wait for the next book!
I do highly recommend this series!

Max/ryder ,

A Perfect Second

Bailey and Quinn are at there very best in this active, entertaining and sometimes confusing with regards to the family trees:) But exactly what the story needed, the characters are so compatible. Now we need the next installment.

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