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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard returns to Jupiter Point—where the sparks are burning bright...


Wildfire “hotshot” Josh Marshall is all about fun, firefighting and flirting. But ever since his crew got trapped in a burnover, he’s been plagued with recurring nightmares. It’s not just the fire haunting him – it’s an ongoing family drama that’s kept him determined to stay strictly unattached. Now that’s all changing—but is it thanks to that near-death experience or his attraction to the sexy, fascinating Suzanne Finnegan?  


Suzanne, honeymoon-planner extraordinaire, knows exactly what she wants: marriage and a stable home like the one her family lost in the financial crash. Her on-again-off-again fiancé fits the bill perfectly, unlike the distracting, live-for-the-moment, heartbreakingly handsome Josh Marshall. Sure, her chemistry with Josh is insane and Logan is mostly MIA. But she has a plan, and she’s sticking to it.


Except fate has a way of making plans go up in smoke.

Between a fast-moving wildfire, a mortifying breakup, and news that changes everything—it’s hard to tell who’s doing more rescuing, Josh or Suzanne. Only one thing’s for sure--there’s no ignoring sparks that BURN SO BRIGHT. 

December 13
Jennifer Bernard
Jennifer A. Bernard

Customer Reviews

penny42058 ,

Fantastic page turner

I absolutely love this series about the Jupiter Point Hotshots. Burn So Bright gives us the story of Suzanne and Josh. They are attracted to each other, but she’s engaged to Logan. Josh is always making people laugh, so he’s not taken seriously by a lot of people. I won’t leave any spoilers, but I will say you will not be disappointed by reading this book. I love the relationships the firefighters have and how the town supports each other. I can’t wait to read Brianna’s story next.

Agent$$$$ ,

Best Laid Plans...

Hot, hot, hot! Jennifer Bernard does it again! This is a stand alone novel that is the second in the series. I loved the first one, but I think this one may be my favorite--so far!!!

Suzanne is a consummate planner, right down to her PowerPoint presentations. She's built a relationship with Logan based on progressing to the next point in her life. They have mutual interests, but no love. When Logan is a no show, yet again, Suzanne scrambles to find a substitute fiancé. In walks Josh....

Josh, a hotshot firefighter, is committed to NOT committing. He's emotionally scarred from a lifetime of watching his mom and dad constantly fight. His past has made him swear off marriage and children. He's also a free spirit who doesn't plan anything, polar opposite from Suzanne. He likes Suzanne, likes to spar with her, and even finds her sexy. He also realizes she's engaged and off limits! When Josh stumbles across a frantic Suzanne, he agrees to pose as her fake fiancé. He wants to see her happy, even though he doesn't like Logan.

Suzanne and Josh begin a journey of "fake engagement". As they get to know each other, they find they truly enjoy each other's company. Suzanne realizes Josh isn't the jokester he always pretends to be, but a kind, driven, intelligent man. After Josh is seriously injured while fighting a fire, Suzanne rescues him from having to go home with his parents to recuperate. While caring for Josh and Snowball, she has a "lightbulb" moment when she realizes Josh is EVERYTHING she's always wanted, but didn't plan for. Suzanne also "sees" Logan for the selfish jerk that he really is.

The ending was AWESOME and gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Not kidding! The ending was somewhat suspenseful, but it does end with a HEA. Snowball was a great addition too! I can't wait to read more about Merry and Bri! I highly recommend this novel. I read a gifted copy and the opinions stated are my own.

👍❤️😃👍❤️ ,

Burn so Bright 👍

This book is so much better than the 1st. The writing is much more mature & contains elements of romance, suspense, with some thrills. Congrats to the author for an exciting book and hope her continued success 👍😍👍

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