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<p>The first three books&nbsp;of the Burning Moon Series are now available in a boxed&nbsp;set!&nbsp;

The McKenzie brothers believe that the small mountain community they call home would never accept them if they knew that they hid a wild secret. Hard-working firefighters by day—wolf shifters by night.
</p><p>After seven years in the college town, Liam, the eldest brother, believes their secret is safe—until a&nbsp;predator arrives&nbsp;and threatens the safety of everyone, including a tenacious news reporter on the hunt for the truth.
</p><p>Jessica Parker does not realize&nbsp;the attention she's drawing as she continues to push for answers behind several suspicious deaths that have shaken the quiet&nbsp;town. Can Liam protect the woman who's haunting his dreams without exposing his family secret?
</p><p>Seth McKenzie has always embraced his wild reputation among the ladies, but lately there's only one woman on his radar—a certain rebellious she-vamp named Olivia.</p><p>The young, rough-around-the-edges woman is invading his thoughts and dreams and messing up his bachelor vibe. He doesn't know how he feels about the new vampire residents in his town, but Seth can't help but believe there's something special about Olivia and when a powerful underworld thug comes looking for her, Seth may be surprise himself by how far he'll go to protect her.
</p><h4>ASHES</h4><p>◆ Ashes is the prequel novella to the Burning Moon series. Learn how it all began for the McKenzie brothers.</p><p>Monsters aren't real.

In Summerset, Kentucky, the McKenzie brothers have a reputation for hard work, good looks, and a fun-loving nature.

These boys had plans; Cole was&nbsp;about to get his&nbsp;driver's license, Seth was leaving for a football scholarship, and Liam planned to be a firefighter and marrying his high school sweetheart. That was the plan…

Fate has a way&nbsp;of turning the best of plans upside down. And the McKenzie brothers are no exception. The adopted trio would soon learn their family history had secrets and a deadly bite. A hidden nature laid dormant until a ruthless gang provoked an unbelievable chain reaction that would&nbsp;alter the lives of the siblings in ways nobody could have fathomed—least of all, the McKenzie boys.

What if monsters do exist? What if you were the monster?
This set includes;
Ashes ~ Prequel Novella
Spark (1)
Ignite (2)

Paranormal Shifter Suspense #ClosedDoorRomance

Fiction & Literature
February 13
RK Close
Draft2Digital, LLC

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